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Championship Manager Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Initiating a new game
Team selection screen
Select your personality
Main menu
Staff information
New match
Player statistics
Tactics editor
The game is on
Setting up the team
Writing a contract
Transfer news
The results are in
Results for the 4th division

DOS version

Title screen
Copy protection screen
Main menu
Select your manager personality.
The main game menu.
Get a team and let the game begin.
Your squad. Select the players you want to play.
Want a player? Make an offer.
Division 1 standings. Not much has happened yet.
Player hall of fame
Taking a look at the job news.
This screen shows the confidence of the owners in you.
The upcoming match
Player profile
The entire staff is listed here. You can fire from this screen.
My team's fixtures
Goofing off with the tactics editor.
5 minutes into a match
At 14 minutes I take a look at our team's stats.
We scored a goal!
The match results
After a match you will see headlines about your team and others.
Negotiating contracts with staff. You can propose a different amount of years and money.
Transfer news
Top scorers in the 1st division
The preliminary draw for the UEFA Cup
The European seedings are listed here.
First division results for the beginning of the real season.
Viewing the performance of the week. Note: a setup screen allows you to change the background image.