Championship Soccer '94 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Various kinds of tournaments
Lots of funny teams
Creating your own team
Choosing player teams
Turkey Tournament
Maastricht Cup
The names of the players are altered.
The players run out...
Dangerous situation!
Re-playing a goal
World Cup preliminary rounds
Sensible Cup
Lots of teams
Euro Superleague

SEGA CD version

FMV Intro
Main menu
Game modes in International mode
International teams available
Selecting players and tactics
Pre-game FMV with the Rose Bowl
Chasing the ball
Taking a corner
Awfully familiar situation...
You've been a naughty boy...
The ball curling towards the top angle
Game modes in Club mode
Half-edited Club teams
Pre-match FMV with Wembley
Taking a free kick
Just in time for a deflection
Player and team editor
Ongoing competition
A lovely set of custom teams
Dull indeed
Making a replacement
Changing tactics
Let's face it, no other game could offer such incredible matchups
From the intro
Main menu
Time for a cup
Setting up the cup
These are the teams you can choose among
Setting up your team
Time to play
The teams are entering the football field
Kick off!
Corner kick
Half time
It's a goal!
The results
The league menu
The league standings

SNES version

Title screen & Main menu.
National Teams menu.
Demo. Friendly match announcement.
Demo. England scored a goal.
Custom Teams menu.
Nice save.
Club Teams... "Oporto".
...line up.
Goal Replay.