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Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Everybody loves title screen shots!
The inside of your squalid trailer home and the starting point of your adventure.
The game starts with a harassing call from a bill collector on your video phone.
Wouldn't it be great if PDAs came free in cereal boxes? They do in this game.
Your PDA records all your messages, keeps track of your bank balance, and even provides lessons on chaos theory.
It wouldn't be a good mid 90's adventure game without Myst-like environments.
As with most games designed on a Mac, the other characters are superimposed quick time video clips.
No, it's not the headquarters of Maxwell Smart's enemies, it's just a radio station.
Throughout the game, chaos theory will be discussed in the context of real applications such as music...
... or the stock market.
As the game progresses, you'll receive short video lessons on chaos theory that relate to the puzzles you are trying to solve.
Ranger Beth gets you started on a study of fractal geometry in plants.
A lesson about chaos in nature or the most graphically sophisticated litter cleaning simulation ever? You be the judge.
You'll wish chaos theory could be applied to violence after you have to repeat the same set of mouse clicks FIFTEEN times on this dofus to advance through a section of the game.
Game start
Radio and game options menu
Tools and magnets
Moving fractal picture
Uncle Prospero on the videophone
Glass dome
Deflated balloon
Bridge mechanism
Rocket launch console