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GameCubeComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Aug 01, 2003)
What a missed opportunity: here we have a kick-ass film, featuring three great-looking, sassy chicks and zippy storyline, but it's spawned a lacklustre videogame.
GameCubeMag'64 (Aug 06, 2003)
Wie dieses Spiel Ubi Softs interne Qualitätskontrolle durchschritten hat, bleibt wohl ein Rätsel. Anscheinend war man sich dort aber im Klaren, das Spiel für unter 30 Euro in den Handel zu werfen: Oder zweifelte man etwa selbst in den hohen Etagen des Unternehmens an der eigenen (nicht vorhandenen) Qualität des Spiels? Mein Rat: Finger weg! Solchen Unfug sollte man, trotz toller Lizenz, unter keinen Umständen unterstützen.
PlayStation (Jul 25, 2003)
Nous sommes donc persuadées, Charlie Ollégue, que l’adaptation de Charlie’s Angels et tout ce qu’elle renferme est bien à la base des troubles rencontrés au sein de la communauté des joueurs. Il faudrait d’ailleurs être aveugle pour ne pas comprendre qu’un jeu possédant des graphismes à faire pâlir une toile impressionniste, un gameplay programmé sur une TI30 et une répétitivité et une longueur digne d’un discours d’un bûcheron canadien syndicaliste prônant le port obligatoire de la chemise à carreaux sur le lieu de travail ne sont pas à même de faire flancher le joueur le plus blasé. Pour finir « Où est Charlie ? », nous ne pouvons que vous recommander de boycotter ce jeu et d’aller au cinéma le plus proche vous payer une petite tranche de pellicule en regardant le deuxième opus de ces décidément drôles de dames.
GameCubeGameZone (Jul 23, 2003)
This game is a classic example of what happens when the publishers try to rush a game out to meet it with the movie. Stay away and save your money, do not buy this game at any costs. You will thank me for this word of advice!
GameCubeIGN (Jul 16, 2003)
Well, Ubi Soft still rocks, but Charlie's Angles most certainly does not. This game is, simply, bad, in just about every way, from the uncomplicated, dated control system to the limited play boundaries surrounded by invisible walls, the poor camera, and unsatisfying play mechanics and the sometimes-disturbing graphics. It's an overall shallow experience -- perhaps the one thing is shares in common with the movies -- but unlike the films it's neither sexy nor cool. Not recommended for anyone. Stay away.
PlayStation (Jul 27, 2003)
„Guten Morgen, Engel! Euer Auftrag lautet heute, die Entwickler des Spiels nach allen Regeln der Kunst auszuschalten! Fragt sie aber vorher, ob sie ernsthaft das eintönige Spielprinzip und die lustlose Grafik einem letzten Qualitäts-Check unterzogen haben. Denn nur, um die passablen Rendersequenzen zu betrachten, bietet die unkomplizierte Prügelaction einfach zu wenig Anreiz, um das Pad in die Hand zu nehmen. Und jetzt los mit Euch!“ Anscheinend haben es manche Entwickler immer noch nicht verstanden, dass eine gute Lizenz nicht ausreicht, um das Spiel dem Publikum schmackhaft zu machen. Denn was hier spielerisch geboten wird, ist bereits nach fünf Minuten äußerst öde.
GameCubeGame Chronicles (Jul 30, 2003)
Charlie's Angels is simple and has enough fan service to keep your average moviegoing fan satisfied for a while. On the other hand, it's flat, short and repetitive. In a phrase, "this game is Double Dragon, in 3D with gratuitous boobs"". Sound like your cup of tea? Then by all means, try it out. But even for the most rabid Charlie's Angels buffs, I have to recommend renting it first. If you're dead set on buying, try to find a used copy. This game just isn't worth thirty bucks. There are some things (the jumping, the ultra-linear, can't-go-back levels) that are inexcusable. All the polish in the world can't hide the lack of satisfying substance here. Charlie's Angels balances itself out to a solidly in-the-middle game, but if you take away the inherent charm of playing as the Angels, it's an utter bomb.
GameCubeWorth Playing (Aug 14, 2003)
Oh yes, life on Charlie’s-Angels-review island is good. Only very rarely does a game come along that is so truly worthy of nothing but the highest of scorn, that I get to fire all my synapses at will, locked and loaded in their full and upright position, at a target so rightly receptive. But even so, I would feel guilty if I had summed up this review without noting as least one “good” quality about the game. It’s easy to dish out nothing but hate on a game, and I’d feel like I failed to perform my duty as “impartial public interactive digital entertainment assessor” if I couldn’t muster a single compliment for the game. So, here goes. Every bad guy that you fight has their own health bar, uh, more games should, erm, do that. So you see, I’m not a playa [sic] hater, per se’, I just hate this game.
30 (Aug 04, 2003)
I thought maybe it would get better as the game went, but I was sooo very wrong. Let's recap shall we! Graphics were a nightmare, choppy, and the levels and character models I could have done in Photoshop! The sound was just as horrid! Bad music, bad voice acting, and well it was just bad! Gameplay was definitely nothing to brag about! Controls were just not that easy, with not really much to do aside from beat everyone you came across! And putting the fighting in sections was just awful! Not being able to go back three feet for something you forgot to pick up due to an invisible wall just made me want to break the disc! Playing through this game is just awful and I wouldn't recommend it to any gamer out there! Maybe one of these days Hollywood will let the game people make a game that is fun to play while still staying true to the movie. Until then, stay far away from this title boys and girls.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Aug, 2003)
So sehr man es auch versucht, an diesem Spiel lässt sich nichts schön reden. Hier stimmt einfach gar nichts, und wer nach einer Viertelstunde immer noch wach bleibt, ist hyperaktiv oder hat vorher zu viel Kaffe getrunken. Getreu dem Motto „Rein, raus, danke, Maus!“ wollen wir das Ding mal ganz schnell wieder vergessen...
GameCubeGamers' Temple, The (2003)
All of this poor gameplay is wrapped in terrible graphics that are outclassed by some old N64 games. Jaggies and aliasing problems abound, and the textures are just plain awful. The stars of the game, the Angels, look terrible too. They are barely recognizable as the Angels from the film, and are made up of a budget-sized number of polygons that don't seem to fit together very well. Even diehard Charlie's Angel fans will be disappointed by this poor effort of a game. It is so repetitive, boring, and unappealing, it is impossible to recommend even as a rental. In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 20%. Angels? Angels from hell sent to torture poor gamers perhaps...
GameCubeNintendojo (2003)
Unfortunately, Ubi Soft has granted us one stinker in preparation for the amazingly good looking titles to come such as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, XIII, and Beyond Good and Evil. While Charlie's Angels is a horrifically terrible experience, at least it's extremely short. What seems like a decade of isolation and cruelty is more like two and a half hours. Who knows, maybe we'll see Sony Pictures blaming Ubi Soft for the poor box office sales of Full Throttle thanks to the painfully lackluster videogame. Hey, it worked for Paramount.
GameCubeGameSpot (Jul 17, 2003)
Perhaps the sole saving grace of Charlie's Angels is that it's mercifully short--the whole game can be finished in about three hours (perhaps four, if you set the game to hard). In the end, Charlie's Angels is the personification of the "game as a marketing tool" mentality, as this game serves no meaningful purpose, except to rob you of your time and money. Do yourself a favor and just stay away.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games (Oct 18, 2007)
Further explaining why killing yourself may just be a more pleasant experience than playing Charlie’s Angels would be a fruitless exercise. The game has literally no redeeming features, and the only purpose it’ll serve for this reviewer is as a half decent coaster. To everyone at Neko Entertainment who had a hand in making this game, just because you have a grudge against all of humanity, that didn’t give you the right to release this cancer of a videogame out into the world. A curse on you and all your children.
10 (Nov 14, 2003)
This game offers you the full package which includes horrible gameplay, horrible graphics, and horrible sound, horrible story. It’s a horrible game, and it shouldn’t be played by anyone except those who get kicks out of playing horrible games. So don’t buy this game, don’t even think about buying this game, it’s just horrible. It’s clear that this game was made quickly to try to cash off of the movie. Shame on you Ubi Soft and Neko Entertainment for making such a horrible game.
GameCubeGame Critics (Sep 24, 2003)
The best thing I can say about it is that it never crashed. But Charlie's Angels is a horrible game manufactured with the creaky spare parts of a rusty genre along with fallen gears from the movie hype machine. This is the kind of game that's given away when you order a large pizza and get the second one for half price. This is the kind of game you might see kids play in daytime cartoon shows. They look generic and lame, but it's clear that yeah, it's a videogame. After that call, I wished that the game could've at least showed some promise. I wished that calling tech support made the game playable even for a half-hour. I've wished all that and I played the game for a few more minutes with morbid optimism. Five minutes passed. And guess what? Nothing happened.
GameCubeGame Revolution (Jul 01, 2003)
Charlie's Angels tries to do so little, and still manages to come up short. Optimistically speaking, Charlie's Angels represents the bare, bare, bare minimum of what constitutes a game. Yet among my canon of crappy games, this one takes the cake as the most vapidly pointless game yet. Good bye, Angels, I'll see you in Hell.
GameCubeN-Philes (2003)
Okay, I will admit that I did have some fun with Charlie's Angels as I am a sucker for beat-em-up titles. The game is shoddily put together, graphically ugly, and sometimes difficult to play because of game mechanics and cheap AI. I honestly don't see why there would be enough demand for the Charlie's Angels videogame, but I can't recommend this game in any respect unless you're really into making fun of videogames. That at least made the journey somewhat more enjoyable.