Chase H.Q. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Taito Monitoring System SP-01A
Stage 1
Score points by passing cars
Path Fork. The arrow is trying to tell you to turn right
In a tunnel
The car of the Idaho Slasher
Slasher arrested for first degree murder
Stage 2
Half-damaged the armed robber's car
Under arrest for armed robbery
Stage 3
Look out! It's the Chicago Pushers...
...who are under arrest for selling drugs
Stage 4
Ahead is the L.A. kidnapper
Arrested the kidnapper
Stage 5
It's the Eastern Block Spy
Under arrest for espionage and murder

Amstrad CPC version

Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1
You receive encouragements from your partner
You are awarded points for passing cars
Path fork
Using a turbo
Driving through a tunnel
First suspect up ahead
He's on fire
Arrested him
Stage 2
Airborne Patrol
Second suspect
Stage 3
Obstacles blocking the way
Driving underneath some platforms
Third suspect
Stage 4
Fourth suspect
Stage 5
Damaging the car by making contact with the tunnel wall
Fifth suspect

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The Next job.
Let's Go Mr. Driver.
Go Right.
In a Tunnel.
Keep Going.
There he is. Ram him.
Nearly caught him.
Well Done.
The Next Job.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Getting your orders
Early in the first level
The arrows shows you the right direction
Second part of the first level
Out of time
Go the suspect in sight
Taking him down
Stage one complete

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Driving towards the suburbs
You score some points after passing cars
Spotted Ralph, the Idaho Slasher
About to ram the suspect's car
Sighting of Carlos, the New York armed robber
Halfway towards killing the yellow car
Arrested the suspect for armed robbery
Watch out for rocks and plants on the road
Caught sight of the Chicago Pushers...
...and arrested them for selling drugs
Watch out for the barricades
Arrested for kidnapping

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Setup screen
First mission stop the criminal in a white Lotus Esprit
Stage 1
Might as well use one of the five turbo boosts
Ram the bad guy's car until he is forced to stop
Stage 1 complete
Stage 3, caught the Chicago pushers in a grey Porsche 911
Stage 3 complete
Best Officers
Stage 4

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1
A car gets in your way
Driving through a tunnel
Fork in the road
Obstacles on the road
There he is!
Apprehended the suspect
Stage Clear Bonus
Stage 2
Caught sight of the second vehicle
Apprehended the second suspect
Title screen (JP).
Main menu (US/EU).
Play Control.
Stage 3.
Side view.
Press start before time runs out.
Stage Clear Bonus (JP).
Stage 4. Game over.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Getting in the car
Course map
Dirt Road
Coming out of the tunnel

MSX version

Title screen

NES version

Getting into the car
Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1
Avoid cars like these. They only slow you down
Path fork ahead
First suspect
Brought him down
Arrest Screen
Stage 2
Second suspect
Stage 3
Third suspect
Stage 4. The fourth suspect is in the distance
Stage 5. Already caught up with the suspect
Stage 6
I can see the ocean from here
Sixth suspect
Bonus choice
enemy car is burning

SEGA Master System version

Getting in the car
What to buy
Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1 Course Map
Stage 1
You get 1000 points for passing a car
Say hello to the Idaho Slasher
Halfway there
Damaged the slasher's car
Stage 1 Complete
Stage 2 Course Map
Stage 2
Say hello to the New York Armed Robber
Damaged the robber's car
Stage 2 Complete
Stage 3 Course Map
Stage 3
Say hello to the Chicago Pushers
Damaged their car
Stage 3 Complete
Stage 4 Course Map
Stage 4
Say hello to the L.A. kidnapper
Damaged his car
Stage 4 Complete
Stage 5 Course Map
Stage 5
Say hello to the Eastern Bloc Spy
Stage 5 Complete

TurboGrafx-16 version

Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1
Crashed into a pole
You get some points for passing cars
There is a path fork up ahead
Inside a tunnel
The first suspect
Ran out of time
Arrest screen
Stage 2
The second suspect
Stage 3
The third suspect
Brought down his car
Stage 4
The fourth suspect
Stage 5
The fifth suspect
Game Over

ZX Spectrum version

The game load screen
The load screen is replaced by this. The game waits here until the player presses a key
The game menu / controller selection screen
Having selected the Kempston Joystick as a controller the player then gets this menu. Enter returns to the previous screen, 'FIRE' on the joystick (which is gear change in the game) starts the chase
Here's Nancy with a message. Ralph, the Idaho Slasher, is on the run in a white British sports car (at least the guy has style). Go get him!
The start of the chase. The car starts in low gear, there are only two
Make a tight turn and the tyres smoke
The arrow up ahead is a great bug clue - that's the way the bad guy went
Go the wrong way and your partner wakes up.
If the player follows the road the bad guys took they'll find it full of obstacles
Eventually time is up, but there's always a chance to restart
The car leaves the road when it flies over a hump in the road which is a nice touch
the bad guy appears ahead. To the left is a black stripe which will become a damage bar
Time up again. Plenty of damage caused to the bad guys car but not quite enough to stop it
When the 3rd life has expired, or if the player presses 'Q' by mistake, the game is over ...
... but even without completing mission 1 its possible to get onto the scoreboard