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Genesis 5 2.8
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Combined User Score 5 2.8

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GenesisVideo Games (Apr, 1994)
Weder der erste noch der aktuelle zweite Teil strotzen vor Abwechslung, die Grafik ist zweidimensional und auch die Animationen kommen nicht gerade flüssig. Trotzdem macht die Grafik einen großen Teil vom Spielspaß aus, sie ist eben einfach witzig. Mit den neuen Grafikgags und der tierisch abwechslungsreichen musikalischen Begleitung ist es den Entwicklern glatt wieder gelungen, ein “cooles“ Spiel hinzubiegen. Einen Kritikpunkt muß ich aber doch bemängeln: Sowohl Feinde wie auch Extras tauchen wieder auf, sobald Ihr ein Stückchen weitergelaufen seid. Meist hetzt man durch den Level, sammelt die Karte ein und verbringt den Rest des Zeitlimits mit Extras-Sammeln. Darunter leidet der Spielfluß.
The animations are nice. The control is poor. Best for a younger audience and a slightly above average action cart.
The first Chester Cheetah didn't exactly set the world on fire, and this second one is more of the same. If you're a die-hard Chester fan, then this game is for you, otherwise just don't expect too much.
SNESGamePro (US) (Mar, 1994)
It takes more than a pretty face to make a video game - you gotta put a video game behind the license or you're not gonna fool anyone. Sorry Chester!
GenesisGamePro (US) (Mar, 1994)
Who's surprised that his snack food symbol is all style and no substance? Like the Cheese Puffs themselves, Chester might sound like a tempting idea, but you'll get no nourishment and you'll soon be hungry again.
20 (Feb 27, 2012)
As a whole Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest is a total failure. It has some of the most shallow gameplay I’ve ever seen in a platformer and is very derivative of other games of the time. The boss fights are incredibly derivative of several of the Robotnik battles in many of the Sonic games but are sloppy and boring. The last boss is also a total letdown. He’s strangely the easiest boss and stage in the game, and I never died once on him. That’s a rather poor way to end the game if you ask me. The game’s stupid, sloppy difficulty will keep almost everyone from this game just as it should. I hope my falling on the grenade by writing this review will convince all of you to stay far far away from this train wreck of a game! You have been warned!!