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Chiki Chiki Boys Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title (1)
Title (2)
Character profile of Twin #1
Character profile of Twin #2
Name Entry
World Map
The beginning
Get the coin
Halfway Boss
Out of energy
Exploring the cave
Turned into smoke
Boss loses one of his arms
When you defeat a boss, get the key to proceed to the next level
End-of-round statistics
Well, hello there, sexy-legs!
That huge clamshell would love to eat you
The sunken ship
Up in the heavens
Let's have a shower in the sky
The twin should be lucky that the sun haven't burnt him yet
Meet your evil brother
Oh, you will be
Going up...
Welcome to the Shrine of Zeius

Arcade version

Title screen
Enter your name
Select world
Green enemies
Blue cute aliens
Boss fight
Moving platform over lava
Rocks enemies
Life lost
Second boss
Round clear
Air world
Flying monkeys
Living cannons
Water world
Fish enemies
Enemy has shell

Atari ST version

Title screen
Enter a name with three letters.
Which level do you want to play first?
Let's start on land.
A mid-boss
The first cave level
You need to hack off this bosses arms.
Round clear screen
You meet a god(dess) at the end of each of the first three levels.
A clamp is blocking the way.
Nasty currents around here
This boss is accompanied by many small enemies.
Air level
The air level's mid-boss
That's what they always say: just testin' you...
Two-headed dragon
This stage scrolls vertically.
In the jungle
You even get burned in ice caverns...
...especially with a mid-boss like this.
Vicious shadow figures in the background
Another mid-boss
Isn't it a little bit too we for scorpions in this environment?

Genesis version

...and title screen
Choosing the boy
World map
Green guys are trying to stop me
Fighting a semi-boss
Underground cave
Riding a platform
Castle entrance
Boss battle against a dragon
Sunken ship

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The two cute little guys :)
Now the first hero as a grown-up man! :)
Looks like everyone are ready for a group picture...
Naming your hero
Stage select
Starting the game
There is a 2-player mode as well!
Spikes below, blue guys ahead... these are some of the things you encounter in life, you know
Fighting a pesky flying guy in a mountain scenery
Dangerous cave...
Boss battle. This fiery guy guards the castle
Wow, what a nice... cut scene!
Round clear!
This stage begins with you being carried by a bird!
Hey, I already took shower
Hang in there, boy! :)
Boss battle against a dragon!
Rising on the cloud...
This is a strange place. Avoid this weird arm
Hey, care to contribute some feta cheese?..
Underwater level
Fighting a crab mini-boss
That's it. Game Over on a sunken ship!..