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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Intro movie scene: This Goblin is putting a trap to Chocobo.
We found a new mysterious dungeon.
You can rename your character.
Where to go Mog?
Killing some monsters con give me experience.
Moving this lever can give me treasure chests.
This Goblin is hitting that Guz.
Oh no! this goblin became Dark Goblin and it's too hard to defeat, so be careful.
Chocobo uses the thunder book to defeat Dark Goblin.
It's too narrow but you can pass through diagonally
Inventory screen: You can see or use the items you collected.
Hmmm, there's something mighty with this lever.
That really hurts.
One of the CG movie scenes: Shiroma the White mage.
Chocobo is alone now.
Where's Chocobo? it's now invisible.
Shiroma and Chubby Chocobo are talking.
An skeleton appears!!!!
Shiroma is teaching Chocobo how to use an stove.
Chocobo is making a combination of claws in the stove.
Shiroma uses cure spell to restore Chocobo's HP.
What's this place? it's too creppy.
Oh no! it's Skullhammer, the dungeon boss.
Fire attacks are effective to make much damage to Skullhammer.
Skullhammer splits but, where's the weak point?
Is the heart and Skullhammer dies.
Mog will enter to this room where the treasure is hidden.
Is the treasure?
Oh no! the dungeon will collapse.
Chocobo, Mog and Shiroma are in the beach.
Look, the Mrs. Bomb and her sons.
The village.
Inside the Mrs. Bomb house, Chocobo has a job to do.
Chubby Chocobo general store: Chocobo is asking for the gate's key.
The dungeon map, Next target: Cid's tower.
Another CG movie scene: It's Cid!
Chocobo must hurry up to defeat the cactus, less turns, biggest reward.