Choro Q: Ver.1.02 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Two-player race car select screen
Car select screen, Red Lobster
Car select screen, White Eagle
Car select screen, Yellow Shark
Car select screen, Black Dragon
Car select scree, Blue Dolphin
Car select screen, Green Cat
Singleplayer race menu
Course select screen
Course info screen
Loading animation
Waiting for semaphore lights to turn green to start the race
You can display the track while driving, but it can block your view since it pops in the middle of the screen
Spinning on the road
Passing through the pit stop
Catch up to the opponent... not really, he just passed me one whole lap
You can drift if you can balance the speed and turning
End of the race
Race again or return to menu
Even that garbage truck ahead is faster than me
Losing the maneuverability
Race pause screen lets you restart the race, continue, or retire
Grand Prix car select screen
Creating the racer
Grand Prix main menu
Shopping for car parts
Browsing the list of available tires to purchase
Vehicle body shop
Painting your vehicle
Grand Prix course select screen
Starting the race with a bus
You can toggle 1st-person perspective during racing
Gaining distance on the garbage truck ahead
No need to worry about demolishing your vehicle while making jumps
Trying one of the most difficult looking courses
Hard left
Bridge ahead
Some tracks have shortcuts
Falling off the ridge