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Christine Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM-7 version

The First picture you will see after title
And my option was..
At least there is no nude shot here.

PC-88 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
The heroine with the boyfriend
Oh no...
Demonic street vendor
Doctor's house
Talking to the doctor
Doing some very weird stuff to the doctor...
The game has several sickeningly violent images
Not many choices here
Meeting a girl and a lion
More options here. You'll nee an item
This scene is non-interactive
You meet a mermaid
Cave entrance
The battle didn't go well...
...and the heroine is being sexually tortured
The semi-naked Jane prepares to battle
You'll need an axe
Finally a different har color...
Meeting in the desert
Whoa, hold it right there!..
Another gruesome scene...
Here you can buy some food
She offers her virginity to you for money
You are appalled by this scene

PC-98 version

Intro: normal life with the boyfriend
A disaster occurs
Christine appears
Naked female demon sells some stuff
Another shop. Later you can buy food here
Cave entrance
Doctor's house
Talking to the doc
Only two choices here
You need an axe
One of the game's gruesome scenes
This one is too well-armed...
I don't think fighting her is the solution
Oh wow, a lion!..
Meeting near a well
What is she holding there?..
Do you want to sleep with her for money?..
Meeting a mermaid
Jane looks tough
Be careful...
Another encounter with Jane
You become Jane's sex slave. Game Over
You won! Ad found a Bible, too!
Another convincing victory
The heroine finally undresses voluntarily