Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and main menu
Opening cinematic
And the game begins
Looking in my journal. You'll need to refer to this for clues to solving puzzles.
At Danny's apartment building
You found the game map
Searching the housekeeping cart
In Danny's apartment
I found a totem. I am storing it in my totem chest.
Now, the area to the left of the double doors is a hidden object area.
Searching the area to the left of the double doors.
The ghostly girl seen in the main menu
Danny's bedroom
Searching the bureau.
I found an owl stauette
A portal has opened
I am at a whole new time
Outside near a fountain
In a library
I need to arrange these books so the picture is correct
This is the professor that Danny wrote about
A puzzle. I need to check my journal to see what needs to be done.
In an observatory
Searching the desk that was on the right in the observatory
I found a first aid kit cross
A puzzle. Find and align the correct constellations.