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Forget continuity, just enjoy this game for what it is. PlayStation Idkbutlike2 (23)
Very original, very enjoyable, but still....somewhat lacking. PlayStation J. David Taylor (28)
Doesn't just match Chrono Trigger's quality, it surpasses it PlayStation xofdre (82)
The Greatest RPG of our time... PlayStation Chrono Damian (5)
I have lost all faith in squaresoft.... PlayStation MasterMegid (902)

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PlayStation 117 4.0
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PlayStationLegendra (Dec 06, 2001)
Dans un genre bien différent de son inoubliable petit frère Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross a marqué à son tour des générations de joueurs. Plus sombre, plus mature et magnifiquement réalisé, le jeu profite également du talent de Yasunori Mitsuda à la bande son pour proposer une expérience à part. Inoubliable et tellement intelligent, tout simplement.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (May 02, 2000)
After all this big hype in Japan, this is by far the most hype worthy title "ever". Square has released a product which is mush better than any Final Fantasy title, or any other RPG for that matter. Chrono Cross is a most memorable experience, this is not only RPG bliss, but video gaming bliss as well. Chrono Cross is expected to be released this Fall 2000 in the US.
PlayStationThe Next Level (Sep 05, 1999)
Overall, this is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. Complete with complex gameplay, intuitive battle system, an epic theme and hours of fun. Chrono Cross is certainly a game which you should consider a solid investment.
PlayStationGaming Age (Jul 14, 2002)
So what more can I say that hasn’t already been said? Chrono Cross is a visual, aural and gameplay masterpiece. It’s like nothing you’ve ever played before, and should be considered an instant classic by anyone with an appreciation for good RPG’s. The character, the music, the style…heck, everything about this game is top-notch. With all of the cookie cutter RPG’s being released these days, Chrono Cross is a breath of fresh air. It’s original, it’s fun to play, and it’s easily one of the best games to come out of the 32-bit generation. Buy it. Buy it now.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Sep 14, 2000)
On first impression, Chrono Cross is just another clone of the Final Fantasy series: the same style of overland movement; the zoomed in 3D combat scenes; the expansive story and multiple characters available to join the always inscrutable hero in his quest to discover a mysterious secret from his past. Not that this would necessarily be a bad thing, as Square has consistently delivered high quality stories and quality gameplay in their flagship titles, but Chrono Cross is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Chrono Trigger. As the latter is considered one of the best role-playing titles ever available for console, players have a right to expect something more than just another Final Fantasy from its sequel. Fortunately for those who had feared that Chrono Trigger's unique feel would be lost, Chrono Cross expands upon the foundations of Square's other offerings but maintains its own unique architecture.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jan 06, 2000)
Chrono Cross may not have had the largest budget, but it has the largest heart. Square's Chrono Trigger got everything right. The self-proclaimed "dream team" of scenarist Yuji Hori (Dragon Quest), producer Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), and character designer Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball Z) created a quirky, enjoyable romp through time with a cast of endearing characters, memorable environments, solid RPG gameplay, and unparalleled presentation. Needless to say, fans have clamored for a sequel ever since.
PlayStationOriginal Gamer (Sep 12, 2009)
Play this game, keep an open mind, and you may find yourself liking it just as much as Chrono Trigger; in certain ways perhaps more.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Aug, 2000)
Chrono Cross is a treasure. Being the sequel to a great game such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross lives up to my expectations. The sound and visuals are to be relished and the interactive and thought provoking battle system is a big plus. I won't say much about the story, but there are plenty of surprises and secrets to be found in this game and I would not hesitate at all to say get it.
PlayStationGame Vortex (2000)
It may be a bit too easy, and the menus may be a tad slow, but nothing can keep Chrono Cross from being the best traditional RPG experience available on the PlayStation today. People are going to complain about it being too much/not enough like Chrono Trigger, but ignore them. If you're at all a fan of the genre, you must pick it up. It's a Square masterpiece in the classic vein.
PlayStationRPGFan (Jun 22, 2002)
With all the hype that surrounded the games in Square's Summer of Adventure lineup I was expecting pretty great things from all three games, but none so much as the long-awaited Chrono Cross. The sequel to the popular and highly acclaimed Super NES title, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross had much to live up to. Would it be a true sequel, or would it merely be a new game under a popular license, such as Legend of Mana? After playing through this game, I have to say that, not only is the truest sequel to any Square RPG I have ever played, but it is the best RPG I have played all year, and perhaps longer.
PlayStationIGN (Jun 30, 2000)
"Home again, home again, jiggity jog."

- Miracle on 34th Street.

Or in this case, far from home again, although not in exactly the same way as before. Chrono Trigger sent you sailing from one end of time to the other, but in some ways, Chrono Cross sends you even further afield. Although you could argue that you don't really move that far at all...
PlayStationGame Chronicles (Jun 23, 2001)
Chrono Cross is, without a doubt, one of the finest RPGs ever developed, period. With its immersive atmosphere and terrific replay value, it’s a must have for any gamer, hardcore or not. If you are one of those people who have never played an RPG before this is definitely the game you should use to get your feet wet.
PlayStation 3APGNation (Nov 06, 2014)
While I cannot forgive just how silly some of the game’s nearly 50 characters are, Chrono Cross is still an amazing game that deserves to be taken on its own merits, rather then continually compared to its predecessor.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2000)
With 44 characters, wide open exploration, an interesting combat system, and an intriguing story, Chrono Cross makes a good argument for being the best RPG we've seen on the Playstation thus far.
PlayStationGame Critics (Sep 06, 2000)
Chrono Cross is definitely a worthy sequel to Chrono Trigger, in narrative (to a point) but more so in gameplay and general concept. Those looking for some real substance and an imaginative application of ideas into skillfully designed gameplay should definitely check this out. Don't let its looks fool you. It isn't just another Final Fantasy. It's the cure for the common Square game.
PlayStationRPGFan (Jan 15, 2000)
Overall, Chrono Cross is a complete success, living up to the lofty standards of its predecessor and firmly establishing itself as Square's finest 32-bit entry to date. If you're an RPG fan, don't miss out on this one. Chrono Cross is one of the few games around that gets my highest recommendation.
PlayStationJust RPG (2000)
Chrono Cross stands as one of the most entertaining games I've ever played. Not the best, perhaps, but definitely a great deal of fun.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Sep, 2005)
Chrono Cross sits with Final Fantasy at the highest rungs of the classic RPG ladder, and you should almost be angry at yourself if you haven't conquered this true classic. Play it.
PlayStationMega Fun (Oct, 2000)
Wenn ich schreiben dürfte, dass ich Chrono Cross einfach nur geil finde, würde ich das so schreiben. Aber diese Ausdrucksweise ist uns nicht erlaubt. Chrono Cross ist eine der unverzichtbaren Perlen, die man einfach haben muss. Da Squaresoft mittlerweile mit Hochdruck für PlayStation2 entwickelt, hat man jedoch leider keine Zeit, den Titel für Europa umzusetzen. Auch wenn ich mich wiederhole, aber es der Fan, der einmal mehr auf der Strecke bleibt. Hallo, Squaresoft! Was soll das? Mittlerweile herrschen für PlayStation Zustände wie seinerzeit den SNES. Zähneknirschend darf man die hohen Importpreise abdrücken. Und versuchter Importstopp hin oder her, man bekommt den Titel trotzdem in Deutschland. Chrono Cross ist ein Pflichtkauf und kann es selbst mit hochkarätigen Titeln wie Final Fantasy VII aufnehmen. Deswegen, Daumen hoch und geniale 92 Punkte für das Spiel!
92 (Nov 10, 2012)
Como era de esperar, este título no queda eximido de defectos. La gran cantidad de personajes aporta mucha variedad al juego, sin embargo dado que sólo podemos usar tres en los combates y que casi durante toda la aventura Serge es inamovible del grupo, muchos quedarán desaprovechados o directamente nos olvidamos de ellos, sorprendiéndonos al abrir el menú de personajes y preguntándonos en qué momento conseguimos a algunos de ellos. También cabe destacar que el abanico de armas a nuestra disposición se antoja realmente exiguo, aunque la cantidad de armaduras y accesorios es más que suficiente. Asimismo es una pena que las técnicas dobles y triples, uno de los pilares de Chrono Trigger, prácticamente no gocen de protagonismo en esta entrega; y por último y como ya habíamos comentado, que la historia resulte algo engorrosa y difícil de seguir por momentos, si bien la calidad del guión es innegable.
91 (Sep 19, 2000)
Insgesamt ist ChronoCross ein sehr schönes RPG dass sich von der Masse durch innovatives Gameplay abhebt.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Aug, 2000)
Chrono Cross is something great in its own right, managing to still measure up to the original and still be different. Striking a balance between old and new school RPG elements, it's a treat for fans of the genre. With a beautiful story, characters that are actually interesting and a fighting system that's more than your typical "attack, attack, defend, blah" devoid of true strategy, this game is the one I had been waiting for. It's about time.
PlayStationVideo Games (Oct, 2000)
Was brennt Square bloß erneut für ein Ideenfeuerwerk ab! Was versprüht Komponist Yasunori Mitsuda an musikalischer Kreativität! Was veranstalten die Grafiker mit ihren Echtzeithintergründen! Mehr als bemerkenswert! Jegliche Bedenken, dass die Rollenspiel-Experten von ihrem eigenen Vorgänger aus einer anderen Zeitebene verschluckt werden könnten, steilen sich als ungerechtfertigt heraus. Chrono Cross reiht sich ohne Verschnaufpause in die große Liste der besten RPG-Serien unserer Zeit ein: Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Lunar und Dragon Quest freuen Sich über den edlen Kollegen. Wer nur einen Hauch an Interesse für Rollenspiele besitzt, entscheidet sich für Chrono Cross - wieder einmal 1A-Qualität aus dem Hause Squaresoft!
90 (Jun 17, 2011)
Des graphismes à couper le souffle, un scénario d'anthologie et un gameplay novateur font de Chrono Cross le digne successeur de Chrono Trigger, et l'un des meilleurs jeux de son époque. La quarantaine d'heures que vous passerez dessus vous paraîtra d'autant plus courte que l'aventure est riche et les événements nombreux. Nul doute que ce titre a laissé son empreinte dans le cœur de tout amateur de RPG.
PlayStationLens of Truth (Mar 08, 2011)
All in all Chrono Cross is a great RPG with an interesting tale to tell. Once everything pieces together Cross makes a very good sequel to the very spectacular Chrono Trigger. It isn’t perfect and won’t pose much of a challenge, but the experience and the soundtrack is well worth your time. If you haven’t had a chance to play this game, keep an eye out on the PSN. SquareEnix has announced that the game will be available for download shortly.
PlayStationPSM (Aug, 2000)
But at its heart, CC tells a complex tale of fate and destiny that will have players scrambling between a handful of different time periods. While the staggering amount of playable characters (there are 40 in all!) can be seen as a drawback to the fluidity of the tale, ultimately it's Square's masterful production quality of CC that wins the fight in the end. Gorgeous cinemas, countless alternate story paths, spot-on translation and dialogue (could do without the weird accents, though) and an attention to detail that you can sharpen a stick on all combine together to make an RPG that is sure to be remembered. Don't miss out on it.
PlayStationRPGamer (Aug 29, 2000)
In summary, Chrono Cross is a feast for the senses with a wonderful plot, and enough replay value to keep you coming back for more. While it has its flaws, and can be frustrating at times, it is easily one of the best games of the year, and a real treat for those who have waited so long for it. Everyone should experience this game, if for the music alone.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Oct, 2000)
Chrono Cross är ett av de mest kompletta rollspelen som finns på marknaden idag. Det har ett brett karaktärsgalleri, innovativa strider, fantastiska miljöer och framför allt en bra handling. Det enda negativa med spelet är att det inte släpps här. Det är verkligen en skam att varken Chrono Trigger eller Chrono Cross släppts i väst. Det beror endast på att Square interna utvecklingsgrupper inte anser att de har tid att konvertera sina titlar åt oss. Eller att det inte är värt besväret. Det är den förklaring jag har fått av Square i Japan. Så illa kan det vara.
PlayStationTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 30, 1999)
For those looking for the next great Playstation RPG, look no farther then Chrono Cross it truly is modern classic. For those wanting to see what is next in the Chrono story line, can find it in Chrono Cross along with much more. For those that want to know if it is the greatest RPG ever, I cannot say that, but it sure comes close. Years from now gamers will think back to Chrono Cross as many look back on Chrono Trigger. Its a unique, fun, and interesting, RPG with memorable characters, and a style all its own. If you only get one RPG this year, you cannot go wrong with Chrono Cross.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Chrono Cross is destined to become a classic whether it deserves it or not. Just the sheer scope of the story and the replay value alone (you must play it at least three times before you can say you truly finished it) will be enough to secure it a place in the RPG pantheon.
PlayStationGame Critics (Sep 06, 2000)
All that aside, the game is one of the best RPGs I've played in a long while, and it's without a doubt the best I've played on the PlayStation. It's an example of a great mix of graphics, music and story. It may have taken Square's experimentation with Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII to learn how to make use of the PlayStation and CD-ROM technology, but it seems they finally got it right.
90 (GAF) (Apr 11, 2003)
Taken as a collection of parts, Chrono Cross has an innovative battle system, stunning graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, an interesting cast of characters, an incredible storyline, and high replay value. Taken as the amalgam of these parts, Chrono Cross is an engrossing mental trip into a tropical world of color, beauty, and death, where each step may change the path of fate. While some may fault it for going past the superficiality of Chrono Trigger, serious gamers should be able to appreciate Chrono Cross as the work of art that it is.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Jan 04, 2004)
Unlike some other games on this site (*cough* Blue Lightning *cough*) this one lives up to it's roots. Even if you're not a fan of RPG's, there is no better way to become a fan than with this game. 2 discs packed with some of the most glorious graphics, sound, and CGI you'll ever witness, it's simply too irresistible (if not simply addictive) to put down until it's been completely finished. Not only is this a must- purchase, but the game must be treated with the utmost respect as Square may have finally produced the world's only perfect RPG.
PlayStationHonestGamers (Mar 11, 2003)
The majority of games simply aren't this good. It stands aside from the crowd and you'd be crazy to miss it.
90 (Dec 20, 2000)
As many people know, Chrono Cross is the long awaited sequel to Chrono Trigger, a game released roughly five years ago for the Super NES that involved some memorable and original gameplay based around time travel. Chrono Trigger was famous for allowing the player a remarkable amount of variation in how he/she chose to play the game. Chrono Cross expands on this tradition in a way that not only comments on the implications of Chrono Trigger, but does so in a way that weaves these very concepts into the gameplay fabric itself. Players begin the game as Serge, a boy living in a small tropical village in a corner of the world previously unknown in Chrono Trigger, called El Nido, whose idyllic life is threatened when he stumbles onto a gate to a parallel world. The gameplay involves Serge's quest as he recruits members of both worlds in his search to discover the true nature and purpose of the phenomenon, as well as his role within it.
PlayStationAllRPG (Jul 13, 2002)
In summary, this is a superb game. If you do not compare it to Chrono Trigger it is a wonderfully fun game. To others, its the slightly disappointing sequel to "America's favorite RPG." If you haven't played the original, read up on Chrono Trigger and buy Chrono Cross. If you've played the original, buy it. It really is a game you cannot miss out on. You will be missing out on a unique, and most importantly, FUN RPG.
PlayStationNetjak (Jul 24, 2002)
Chrono Cross is not a horrible game and I would recommend it. Just don't get your hopes too high. Especially if you were a big fan of the original like myself.
PlayStationRPGDreamers (2002)
Overrall, Chrono Cross is a good rpg but it doesn't do it for me in terms of a lasting rpg game like Star Ocean or Suikoden series. Maybe it's because I haven't played Chrono Trigger so the emotional value of the game doesn't surface for me when there are some references to Chrono Trigger. This is a game strictly for Chrono Trigger fans only. If you've never played Chrono Trigger before then stay away from it and don't buy the hype from Trigger fans as you'll probably don't know why they're so excited about this game. Case in point, me.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (Sep 13, 2004)
So is Chrono Cross as good as the first game? Of course not, but it’s still a good game. The plot is deep and ambitious, but the lack of personality with most of the characters and the overload of plot info at the end game hampers the fun. While the plot isn’t done totally right, nearly everything else is. The lack of random battles, beautiful visual and incredible tunes come close to rectifying the other faults. Sadly, it isn’t enough to make the game truly great. If fans of Chrono Trigger come in with an open mind and realistic expectations, they should find this game reasonably entertaining.
PlayStationElectric Playground (2000)
Sigh. So close, and yet we have our own selves to blame. Nevertheless, even though the original sweet promise of Chrono Cross turns a little fetid, when all is said and done with Serge’s world restored, Chrono Cross is a top-notch, beautiful and excellent RPG, that will not disappoint Squaresoft’s deservedly loyal fans.
78 (Oct, 2002)
Who knows, maybe I'm just a sucker for time travel, but I enjoyed visiting the plentiful epochs of the same world more than I enjoyed visiting the two dimensions of the same world. Plus as Chrono Trigger progresses you can actually grow attached to your party members, which is impossible in Chrono Cross due to character overflow. In the end, I pick Chrono Trigger as the better game, if not for the prior two reasons, then because it's story has an even flow to it, where Chrono Cross seems to be all over the place. But that's just like saying Donatello is a better Ninja Turtle than Michaelangelo -- when you get right down to it, they're both simply amazing and worthy of your love and affection.
PlayStationRPG Land (Aug 03, 2003)
Chrono Cross is fun game to play but one of the biggest problems plaguing it is the fact that there are too much characters and not enough attention to character development. Since the game has just about forty characters (which you can’t get in just one playing) don’t expect to see as much character development like other RPG’s. There is too much people and not enough time to explain their real purpose for being there. On the flip side of that every time you play through the game you’ll always experience something new. If you’re a major Chrono Trigger fan, you’ll also like the fact that this game has plenty of different endings and a lot of moments where there are slight references to things from Chrono Trigger. If you don’t have this game in your library, what are you waiting for?
50 (GAF) (Apr 11, 2003)
Even though the game's director claimed after its release that Chrono Cross was never meant to be a true sequel to Chrono Trigger, it certainly was hyped that way. To this day, it stands as one of the largest disappointments in videogame history, but on a few occasions, when you're sucked into the game's great atmosphere, it's nearly forgivable. But these moments are too few and far between. The fact remains that CC's plot and characters are horrible. As an RPG, a game based on story and development, Chrono Cross commits a cardinal sin. May God have mercy on its soul.