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Derivative! Simplistic! Two traits that help make this a supreme classic for all time. SNES J. P. Gray (120)
Still a timeless and masterful RPG that doesn't feel dated at all, regardless of whether you're a newcomer or a veteran. Nintendo DS Rensch (216)
Quirky Anime-style Time Travel SNES Kit Simmons (264)
14 years later and it's still the best game ever Nintendo DS Bregalad (972)
A really upbeat title. It's my favourite game, and that for many reasons. SNES Bregalad (972)
Do you like the hair? SNES Iris-chan (72)
One of the few good japanese style RPG's PlayStation Mattias Kreku (439)
A very shallow RPG. Too easy, too kiddy, too dull. SNES kbmb (435)
Gotta Go Back In Time.... SNES MasterMegid (902)
The best RPG of all-time? Quite possibly. SNES lechuck13 (357)

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Android 7 4.2
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iPhone 5 4.7
Nintendo DS 55 4.0
PlayStation 138 3.7
PlayStation 3 6 4.3
PSP Awaiting 5 votes...
PS Vita Awaiting 5 votes...
SNES 312 4.2
tvOS Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii 5 4.8
Combined User Score 528 4.1

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Nintendo (Feb 24, 2009)
Quant à la genèse de cette saga, elle repose désormais, là, dans le creux de vos mains. Pour un voyage à travers le temps à la recherche de ce que le jeu vidéo a de plus beau à nous offrir : d'immortels souvenirs.
SNESJust Games Retro (May 16, 2016)
It’s surprisingly difficult for me to put into words just how much I enjoyed Chrono Trigger. It really made me feel like a kid again, in the sense that I would be at work and think to myself, “man, I can’t wait to get out of here and go home so I can fire up Chrono Trigger again”, and playing through it for the first time made me feel like someone watching Breaking Bad or The Wire for the first time; you really get the feeling you’re witnessing a masterpiece unfold before you, and you can’t wait to see where it takes you next. If you’ve never played this game before, even if you normally hate RPG’s, I urge, no, I implore, nope, I DEMAND you at least give Chrono Trigger a play. If you’ve played it before, I say pop it in again. If I had Men in Black technology, I’d neuralyze myself so I could play through this fresh again. It should be no surprise after all this that I’m giving Chrono Trigger the full five stars, and even THAT might be underselling it.
WiiRetro Gamer (Aug 18, 2011)
Even now, some 16 years after its original release on the Super Nintendo, Chrono Trigger remains a startlingly inventive game. Full of genuinely engaging characters, multiple endings and clever plot turns, it's a magnificent RPG that, like the best of wines, simply gets better with age. This Virtual Console debut is well overdue and is far easier on the wallet than its physical counterpart.
SNESSuperjuegos (Mar, 2008)
Aquellos que han disfrutado de Chrono Trigger son unos privilegiados El resto debería agotar todas ias vías para descubrir esta obra fabulosa, un RPG que redifinió el genero y cuya magia permanece inalterable.
100 (Aug 27, 2009)
Chrono Trigger est le 3ème larron du trio de la mort-qui-tue-tout du RPG old-school, aux côtés de The legend of Zelda: A Link to the past et de Final Fantasy VI. Chrono Trigger prend ce qu’il y a de mieux chez les RPG au tour par tour en jetant à la poubelle toute la lourdeur qui caractérise habituellement ce type de jeu. Conséquence: à vouloir écrémer on perd certes un tout petit peu en profondeur, mais question fun par contre… Bah… C’est fun quoi!
Nintendo DSPixlBit (May 17, 2011)
People talk about movies that everyone needs to see once before they die. If there is an equivalent for video games, Chrono Trigger should undoubtedly be on that list.
WiiMag'64 (Aug 14, 2011)
„Chrono Trigger“ lässt einfach keine Wünsche offen und gehört zu den intensivsten Videospielerlebnissen, in die man eintauchen kann. Es ist abwechslungsreich, atmosphärisch, technisch überzeugend, spielerisch innovativ und hat schlicht alles, was ein gutes Rollenspiel auszeichnet, plus dieses gewisse Etwas, das es unvergesslich macht. Einen großen Anteil daran hat das Kampfsystem, das niemals in Eintönigkeit verfällt und mit der Zeit spürbar umfangreicher wird, ohne den Spieler mit unnötigen Auswahlmöglichkeiten zu überschwemmen. Es ist Zeit die Virtual Console vom Staub zu befreien!
WiiDefunct Games (May 24, 2011)
Forget Final Fantasy. Forget Star Ocean. Forget Dragon Quest. The best 16-bit role-playing game is none other than Chrono Trigger. Released mere days after the original PlayStation, this Super NES game was largely ignored due to the excitement over impending 32- and 64-bit wars. However, what Chrono Trigger does is successfully take everything that SquareSoft had learned about making quality role-playing games and mixed it with one of the most compelling stories of all time.
WiiNintendo Life (May 18, 2011)
Chrono Trigger is, and will always be, one of the most unforgettable RPG experiences ever to grace a video game console. Even the first time you play it, you'll immediately know that you're experiencing something special that you're not likely to forget. Not only is every area top tier, it brings so many new ideas to the table that give it its unique look and feel. It might have been a long wait for the Virtual Console release, but it was certainly well worth it, and yet another testament to how truly remarkable a system the Super Nintendo console turned out to be for RPG fans.
WiiIGN (May 25, 2011)
There will still be more Virtual Console titles released after this. The Wii's service isn't over quite yet. But we're just days away from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS eShop and its new, second-edition version of the VC concept. So here, with this re-release of a title still rightly argued as perhaps the very best video game ever made, it feels right to call this chapter closed. So whether it continues to offer dozens more classics from yesteryear going forward, or if it really is winding down to its final conclusion, support the original Virtual Console with a purchase of this gaming great – it's a download service that has sometimes been frustrating to deal with, but at the end of it all it really has let us travel back through time.
SNESLens of Truth (Feb 20, 2011)
Chrono Trigger is a game that is well worth the praise it received. This is a game that you can come back to years down the road and still enjoy it just as much as your first play through. With a total of two remakes on the market there is really no reason to have not played this game, even if you missed out on the rare SNES version.
100 (1995)
Für seine Zeit ist "Chrono Trigger" wirklich einmalig und punktet mit extrem viel Abwechslung. Auch technisch kann es voll überzeugen, sowohl damals auf dem Super Nintendo wie auch noch heute auf dem Nintendo DS. Etwas negativ fallen nur die kurzen, in ewiger Schleife ertönenden Melodien auf, die in manchen Fällen ganz schön nerven können. Die 12 bzw. 13 unterschiedlichen Lösungsmöglichkeiten erhöhen den Wiederspielwert nach dem ersten Durchgang, für den man 20 bis 30 Stunden benötigen wird. So wie es sich für mich darstellt, wird "Chrono Trigger" seinem Ruf durchaus gerecht, auch wenn es meiner Meinung nach weder an "Secret of Mana" noch an "Final Fantasy 6" ganz herankommt und mir deshalb im Allgemeinen leicht überbewertet erscheint.
SNESNintendo Life (Nov 07, 2009)
There's absolutely no denying that Chrono Trigger is, and will always be, one of the most unforgettable RPG experiences ever to grace a video game console. Even the first time you play the game you'll immediately know that you're playing something special and a game you're not likely to ever forget. Not only is every area of the game top tier, but the game also brings so many new ideas to the table that give the game its unique look and feel. If you're an RPG fan, this is one title that you absolutely must own in some shape or form. It's one of the absolute pinnacles of 16-bit era gaming and a testament to how truly remarkable a system the Super Nintendo console turned out to be for RPG fans.
Nintendo DSDarkZero (Jan 31, 2009)
To be uber-critical, you could argue that a few of the RPG innovations may not stand out as proudly as they once did, and equally you could bemoan that fact that the game shows no graphical improvement in the move to a new platform (especially compared to the now defunct fan remake from a few years back). But crucially none of these negatives detract from the experience, so much so that I struggle to even label them as such. On the whole, the game is still full of fantastic little touches that you can’t help but love, all presented and executed in a simply timeless fashion. You can’t ask much more than that.
Nintendo DSGaming Nexus (Jan 14, 2009)
With a lengthy story, memorable characters, detailed graphics and a fast moving story, Chrono Trigger stands out as one of the best role-playing games of all time. And for the time being, this slightly updated port proves to be the best role-playing game on the Nintendo DS. Regardless of whether you missed it the first time or not, Chrono Trigger is a must-own game!
Nintendo DSGemakei (formerly Zentendo) (Jan 05, 2009)
"Chrono Trigger" is one of the most highly praised and lauded role playing games from the Super Nintendo era and of all time. It is constantly among many top ten lists and yet it has never quite reached mainstream levels that "Final Fantasy" or "Kingdom Hearts" have reached. This could be due to the fact that only two games exist in the franchise and this is the second remake of the first. Somehow, "Chrono Trigger" has eluded even me for all these years but now is the perfect time to actually sit down and experience this one of a kind RPG for the first time.
Nintendo DSGaming Age (Dec 29, 2008)
If you've never played Chrono Trigger, then this is the version to get. The port is great, it looks really solid on the DS, runs fine, and everything is intact. If you have played CT in the past, then this will be a great replacement for your SNES cart, if you still have it. There's not enough in the way of changes to make any kind of impact to your former memories, and the game is just as fun to play now as it was in the 90's. The story and gameplay hold up incredibly well, and it still remains one of the best RPG's ever released.
Nintendo DSUGO (UnderGroundOnline) (Dec 10, 2008)
Chrono Trigger DS makes for perfect gaming. And that’s why I beg you to put on your headphones, because the one factor in my favorite games that I’ve always taken for granted is the sound. Use this opportunity to casually indulge on every last bit of the Best SNES Game of 1995 and the Best DS Game of 2008. There, I said it.
Nintendo DSGame Shark (Dec 23, 2008)
In the end, is there really anything more that needs to be said aside from the three words "Chrono Trigger DS?" With no loading times, an improved script, hours and hours' worth of extras, and even more replayability, Chrono Trigger DS is the ultimate version of an undeniable classic.
Nintendo (UK) (Nov 28, 2008)
But for fans of the original game, there is no risk in coming to reassess those long-held opinions. Chrono Trigger is a masterclass in RPG design, its execution so far beyond the quality and poise of contemporary JRPGs it's embarrassing. It represents the work of a company at the very top of its field, a team of designers so confident with the rules that they helped establish that they felt free to subvert and invert them to glorious effect. While this is a game presented in simple 2D sprites and count-the-frames animations, its underlying maturity and creativity is somehow all the more potent for it. And in this DS update, everyone has the chance to turn back the clock to see how, in many ways, the Japanese RPG's brightest future still lies in its past.
Nintendo DSG4 TV: X-Play (Nov 25, 2008)
Adding it all up, the DS Chrono Trigger may not have 40 bucks worth of voices or video, but it’s hard to argue that it isn’t 40 bucks worth of game. (It helps to remember that the Super Nintendo version cost $80 or $90 in 1995’s money. ROM is a heck of a lot cheaper than it used to be.) This is a genuine classic, and portability just makes it that much better.
Nintendo DS1UP (Nov 24, 2008)
For fans, the reason to pick up Chrono Trigger is simply because it's available, intact, and enhanced. For newcomers, it's because the game has easily withstood the test of time.
Nintendo DSGamesRadar (Nov 24, 2008)
If you've never played Chrono Trigger, you owe it to yourself to finally give this gaming touchstone a whirl. And if you have played it before, you can play it again, for no other reason than to see how new it all still feels. We would normally hesitate to give any rerelease such a high score, but this is the ultimate edition of a true classic.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Oct 18, 2005)
The story is a work of art, and obviously a lot of thought went into the various subplots and determining how events affect each outcome. Throw in some fun mini-games, a bunch of enjoyable side quests, and some pop culture references, and you have one of the most enjoyable RPGs ever made.
SNESGamestyle (Aug 11, 2008)
Needless to say, this a must-have game for any RPG fan, or any adventure fan. It is a tragedy that it never saw a European release, however it should be sought out in any way possible. This one is timeless.
SNESGamePro (US) (Sep, 1995)
Chrono Trigger is another satisfying and superlative game from Square. If you've finished FF III and are itching for some fantasy field work, pick this one up. Thankfully, the fantasy isn't final yet.
SNESPlayback (Jan, 2006)
Czego zatem Państwo oczekują od gry? By trzymała w napięciu do samego końca? By posiadała sympatycznych bohaterów, z którymi można się identyfikować? By grało się w nią lekko i przyjemnie, a jednocześnie by czas przy niej spędzony nie wydał się czasem zmarnowanym? By posiadała ładną grafikę (a ta jak na SNES jest wręcz piękna) i miłą dla ucha muzykę? By była maksymalnie grywalna i wygodna w obsłudze? By postacie zaprojektował Akira Toriyama? Byście Państwo zwyczajnie chcieli w nią z ochotą grać? Oto więc jeszcze raz przedstawiam Państwu Chrono Triggera, grę, która spełni wszystkie te warunki.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
Chrono Trigger proves to be a wonderful game on many levels. The quests and dialogue keep the story moving along at a good pace and the battle sequences prove to be challenging as well as a visual delight. For one RPG standing among titles such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger proves its mettle.
SNESGame Freaks 365 (2000)
The team made a game that was revolutionary in so many ways, it's hard to count. With a grand storyline, one of the best casts of characters I had ever seen, exquisite character design, a very fun and customizable battle system, an engorgement of unique monsters, awesome bosses, great graphics, a superb soundtrack, and a great replay value makes Chrono Trigger a great example of what a real classic, and game, for that matter, is and should be.
100 (GAF) (Jul 26, 2005)
Chrono Trigger is a true classic that is regarded by many as one of the best RPGs of all time. It is my personal favorite, and I still consider it to be the greatest RPG ever made. It is the RPG by which all others should be judged by, in terms of gameplay, story, sound, and overall quality. I’ve wanted to write a review of Chrono Trigger for a long time, but I was afraid I wouldn’t do the game justice. Well, I’ve finally decided to try my best to write a review that captures the essence of this amazing game. Believe me; it's better than I make it sound.
SNESElectric Playground (Aug 17, 1995)
I can go on about the many specifics that I love about this game but it's far easier for me to tell you, without the slightest reservation, that if you are even mildly interested in RPG's, this is the get-off-yer-butt-right-now-and-snag-it-up must buy for the year.
SNESOriginal Gamer (Aug 31, 2009)
In summation, Chrono Trigger is one of the finest RPG's ever made and would definitely find a place on my Top Ten Video Games Ever list (if I could ever get past number 3...) This is one of the games so close to perfection that any complaint one can muster up is minor by any measure. The story's great, the characters are memorable, the gameplay is totally solid, and most importantly, the game is FUN! The pacing is wonderful, as the game never feels like it slows down or loses its way. Any fans of RPG's, the SNES, or just great games (which should be everyone!) needs to check out Chrono Trigger!
SNESAllRPG (2004)
Nearly a decade ago, Squaresoft released Chrono Trigger, to unsuspecting gamers and subsequently set up a series fan base exceeded only by Square’s other big-name franchise, Final Fantasy. From the moment Chrono Trigger was released, it was lauded by many as one of the best RPGs to date, and it still to this day occupies prime real estate atop many a RPG gamer’s favorites list. Chrono Trigger even transcended the genre, inspiring those evasive to RPGs to give this title a try, much like Final Fantasy VII would do a few years later. For many, Chrono Trigger was the first RPG they played, and because of that, Chrono Trigger remains a classic of the genre, and for many, an exemplar of the genre itself.
SNESRandom Access (Feb 07, 2013)
Chrono Trigger still stands as the epitome of RPGs in the 16-bit era. It heralds from a simpler time when monster collection or excessive customization weren't such common commodities. It may also have been the first RPG to have more than one ending... or more than ten, as the case may be. Instead, Chrono Trigger stands as royalty in the realms of storytelling, character arcs, and classic RPG gameplay. Fans of RPGs should not miss out on what many consider to be the pinnacle of the genre, and those who don't normally venture this way in their gaming time should seriously reconsider, as they are missing out on a true gaming masterpiece and one of the finest digital art pieces of all time.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Dec 30, 2008)
All told, Chrono Trigger DS is easily one of the best video games I've played in the recent past, and I've played quite a few of them. Whether or not you're a fan of consoled-based role-playing games, you owe it to yourself to try this one; it might just change your opinion of them. RPG fans should consider this one required reading, and even Chrono Trigger fans will find that the DS offering is sufficiently different and improved from the previous offerings so that it's well worth the price of admission. Make time for this one!
Nintendo DSGame Vortex (Dec, 2008)
For those gamers that have played Chrono Trigger before, this is an easy sell. Go buy it because it is readily available and still cheaper than trying to find a copy on SNES. For those that have never played Chrono Trigger or even those that haven't heard of it before, I envy you. I wish I could re-live the first time that I put this game in and experience everything again through fresh eyes. Chrono Trigger is timeless, fun, exciting, and very deserving to be in people's favorite games list. I'm sorry if this review reads like a love letter to a forgotten RPG classic, but I bet if you play Chrono Trigger, you will be doing the same.
SNESGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2000)
Many enthusiasts will even proclaim it the greatest video game of all time. Bold words, yet Chrono Trigger has the dynamic gameplay punch to back them up.
SNES1UP! (Dec 02, 2005)
Chrono Trigger est parsemé de scènes étourdissantes, poignantes, dans la grande tradition épique des jeux de rôle sur consoles. Il a marqué le genre de son empreinte et laissé un souvenir indélébile dans l'esprit des joueurs, mais aussi, comme bien d'autres jeux, il a contribué à faire de la Super Nintendo un monstre sacré, assurant à cette dernière de ne jamais être oubliée, quelles que soient les consoles qui lui succèdent, et quels que soient les efforts de compagnies mastodontes souhaitant effacer cet héritage handicapant pour leurs objectifs ambitieux. Plus encore que le jeu même, c'est cette extraordinaire réunion de talents par les forces d'un hasard divin et généreux, ou décidément peut-être lui aussi amateur de grandes histoires, qui ne cessera de nous émerveiller.
PlayStationRPGFan (Sep, 1995)
The biggest complaint people have about Chrono Trigger is that playing through it and getting all the secrets can be easily done in about 18-20 hours. Well, I say look at the replay value: with multiple endings, Chrono Trigger's replay value is the highest the RPG genre has. The control throughout the game was dead-on, with no problems navigating and the smooth fluid movement only made it easier, with the eight-directional movement. The game isn't overly difficult; only a few bosses required serious leveling up and strategy, but that really doesn't detract from the gameplay that much unless you're looking for a huge challenge. It's more of a fun task to find the secret side stories to each character and complete the quests.
PlayStationNetjak (Jan 05, 2005)
I played Chrono Trigger on the Playstation when it was re-released in Final Fantasy Chronicles with Final Fantasy IV. The animated cut scenes in the Playstation version are nice, but they really don’t add anything to the experience. They’re just there. Honestly, I would want the Super NES version more, since it lacks the loading time of the re-release, but it’s still the same game either way. It’s still Chrono Trigger, still the standard by which I judge every other RPG I play, and still, in my own humble opinion, on the top of the hill.
SNESNetjak (Jan 05, 2005)
Chrono Trigger itself is the direct result of what happens when the insanely brilliant creators of both Dragon Warrior AND Final Fantasy team up to create a world-conquering super weapon. Chrono Trigger enslaves you, isolates you, and deprives you of sleep, food, and drink. It is the best RPG this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of playing - yes, it even beats out titles like Final Fantasy IV, Lunar: Silver Star Story, and Skies of Arcadia.
SNESRPGFan (Oct 30, 2001)
Square seemed to consistently produce quality on the Super Nintendo, and Chrono Trigger is no exception. Regarded by many as one of the best experiences the role-playing genre has to offer, Chrono Trigger can still compete with the games of today in spite of being released in 1995. It is a wondrous journey through space and time to a land only the human imagination can reach.
Nintendo DSRetro Gamer (Apr 23, 2009)
Chrono Trigger is rightly regarded as one of the greatest Japanese RPGs of all time, so it's pleasing to see that so much care and attention has been lavished upon this DS update.
SNESNintendo Master (2007)
Parlons un peu du jeu en tant que tel. Les graphiques sont splendides et les musiques nous mettent dans l’ambiance du jeu. Le jeu est très facile à comprendre mais il est très long.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Oct, 1995)
Neben der abwechslungsreichen Story besticht Chrono Trigger auch durch seine technische Gestaltung. Der Sound erreicht zwar nicht ganz die Qualität von FF III, sorgt aber für ordentliche Stimmung. Die Grafiken sind dagegen genial, oft fragt man sich, woher die Programmierer eigentlich die vielen Farben genommen haben. Zusammen mit der ausgereiften Steuerung ergibt sich ein Meilenstein in der Rollenspielgeschichte.
iPhoneJeux Vidéo Magazine (Feb, 2012)
Chrono Trigger n'a pas pris une ride et reste l'une des plus belles aventures du jeu vidéo. On aurait aimé pouvoir y jouer en grand sur l'iPad, mais ça reste un incontournable de l'AppStore.
95 (Jan 28, 2011)
Chrono Trigger est un jeu d’anthologie, adulé par d’innombrables joueurs dans le monde et qui peut se targuer d’être un chef-d’œuvre. Tous les éléments ont été réunis afin de proposer aux joueurs une aventure unique, qui se savoure sans retenue et sur laquelle on revient encore, et encore. Cependant, on regrette une nouvelle fois que cette version PS1 ne soit jamais sortie en Europe.
95 (Jan 27, 2011)
Chrono Trigger est un jeu d’anthologie, adulé par d’innombrables joueurs dans le monde et qui peut se targuer d’être un chef-d’œuvre. Tous les éléments ont été réunis afin de proposer aux joueurs une aventure unique, qui se savoure sans retenue et sur laquelle on revient encore, et encore. Le gros point noir reste que l’Europe n’a jamais pu profiter d’une version PAL sur Super NES, les joueurs devant obligatoirement se rabattre sur l'import pour profiter de l'aventure.
Nintendo (Feb 06, 2009)
Une note qui traduit simplement le caractère universel d'un jeu qui fait depuis toujours l'unanimité auprès des joueurs. Son arrivée sur DS lui permet de se doter d'une traduction intégrale en français et de nombreux suppléments inédits qui relancent son intérêt sur la durée. Inégalé pour beaucoup, et surtout insaisissable car jamais sorti en Europe, Chrono Trigger reste plus que jamais ce chef-d'oeuvre intemporel dont n'importe quel fan de RPG saura vous vanter les mérites.
SNESGame Players (Sep, 1995)
The bottom line is that this is a must for RPG fanatics and dabblers alike. Stop reading, go out and buy it.
SNESVideo Games (Sep, 1995)
Es ist ohne Zweifel schwierig, einen ebenbürtigen Nachfolger von FF 3 zu konzipieren. Square hätte ohne weiteres ein vom Spielprinzip her identisches Rollenspiel herausbringen können, und es hätte sich ebenfalls millionenfach verkauft. Aber nein, die Entwickler wollten sich damit nicht zufrieden geben. Zusammen mit dem Enix-Produzenten Y.Horii (Dragon Quest), der ja eigentlich härtester Konkurrent ist, haben sie ein Spiel auf die Beine gestellt, das alles bis daher dagewesene weit hinter sich läßt. Noch nie zuvor habe ich eine so große Freiheit innerhalb eines Spiels erfahren wie in Chrono Trigger. Zwar gibt es kaum versteckte Charaktere oder Items, nach denen man tagelang suchen muß (die durchschnittliche Spieldauer beträgt etwa 20 Stunden, also nur halb so lange wie FF 3), doch die Aussicht zig verschiedene Endsequenzen zu Gesicht zu bekommen, ist mindestens genauso motivierend.
Nintendo DSDigital Chumps (Dec 07, 2008)
With just a few small missteps, this DS version of the classic SNES title greatly preserves—and in some ways, even enhances—the magic of the original. If you’ve yet to experience this work of art, now is your chance… but even if you’re a longtime fan, you’ll likely find enough to love in this reworked iteration to justify serious consideration. Put Chrono Trigger on your list this holiday season and experience the best that gaming has to offer.
Nintendo DSCheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
Chrono Trigger for the DS is definitely representative of how an updated re-release can be done well. The core gameplay remains virtually unchanged, and the game's signature style and sound remain wonderfully intact. While this new version does include some new added features, these are very unobtrusive and serve to complement the original game experience instead of infringe upon it. I could not be more pleased with this rerelease, and I certainly applaud Square Enix for rewarding their longtime fans with such a classic title on a current system. However, this game is not just for longtime fans, and if you have never been able to experience Chrono Trigger, the DS provides the perfect vehicle to do so. No matter which category you fall into, this title is definitely one you shouldn't miss and deserves to find its way into your collection before you can say "Good morning, Chrono!"
SNESNintendo Land (Sep 12, 2003)
Chrono Trigger is a must buy for every serious RPF fan especially for those who like me just can't stand the boring and repetitive fights of the Final Fantasy games! The only bad thing I can come up with is that I may be a little bit to short. It's not very short and will take many days of intense playing to complete and with over 10 different endings it will keep you occupied for some time but if you compare it to Final Fantasy 6 (which is HUGE) it's rather short.
SNESRPGFan (Aug 20, 1999)
Along with Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar: Eternal Blue, Chrono Trigger ranks as one of the top three traditional RPGs ever released. If you haven't played it yet, try to get your hands on a copy of it. This one gets my highest recommendation.
Nintendo DSOfficial Nintendo Magazine (Feb 04, 2009)
If you're an RPG fan we can't recommend Chrono Trigger highly enough. It's a beautiful example of the genre that will have you hooked from start to finish. Speaking of which, there's masses to see here too. With a ridiculous 14 (!)different endings depending on the way you play, Chrono Trigger is an RPG which will keep you busy for months.
THIS IS AWESOME!!! Chrono Trigger is an RPG that combines the best features of the FF series and Mana and puts them all in a game that easily gets my vote for RPG of the year! As with all Squaresoft games, the visuals are drawn with stunning detail and the music immerses players even further into the quest. Of course, the game's best feature is it's endearing story line. Add multiple endings to that you you've got a must-have for your RPG collection.
SNESGeeks Under Grace (Sep 15, 2014)
This is arguably the greatest RPG ever made--some even say the best game ever made. Chrono Trigger trail-blazed many modern aspects of video games with its stellar soundtrack, memorable characters, and engaging plot. Pick this one up if you've never played it and join the millions who've already had this great gaming experience.
Nintendo DSGamingTrend (Jan, 2009)
I can see now why CT is held up as one of the crown jewels of the RPG genre. It is a fantastic game from start to finish, and does nearly everything perfectly. It has obviously been used as a template for many games that have come since, and with good reason. It’s as near perfect as we’re ever likely to see in a role-playing game. If you’re like me and missed it the first time around, there’s no excuse to skip what looks to be the definitive version of this classic tale.
Nintendo DSGamer 2.0 (Dec 08, 2008)
Either way, with non-problematic graphics, a tight and strategic battle system, an extremely entertaining story, and what is probably the most impressive soundtrack in video game history, Chrono Trigger has not only stood the test of time, but it is probably still better than any RPG released in the last five years. It is definitely the most engaging RPG experience you’ll find on the DS and will continue to be played and praised.
SNESMega Fun (Sep, 1995)
Mit Chrono Trigger ist Squaresoft nach Final Fantasy III ein weiter RPG-MeiIenstein gelungen. Die Grafik wurde noch einmal merklich verbessert, wobei vor allem Wert auf das Charakter-Design gelegt wurde. So gibt es deutlich mehr Animationsphasen zu bewundern, wodurch Crono & Co quicklebendig wirken. Die Musik ist qualitativ hochwertig abwechslungsreich und geht sofort ins Ohr. Das Prunkstück ist jedoch die durchdachte Story. Die Möglichkeit, à la „Zurück in die Zukunft“, in die Vergangenheit zu reisen, um die Zukunft zu verändert, entpuppt sich nach kurzer Zeit als äußerst fesselnd und trickreich, zumal es dem Plot an Überraschungsmomenten nicht mangelt. Die Benutzerführung ist aufgrund von Squares reichhaltigen RPG-Erfahrungen vorbildlich, da es dem leidgeplagten Rollenspieler viele lästige Kleinstarbeiten abnimmt. Neben FF II die sicherlich stärkste RPG-Granate im Softwaresortiment
Nintendo DSIGN Australia (Feb 03, 2009)
At first glance it's a little strange – Square Enix completely remade two of their Final Fantasies for the DS, rendering virtually unrecognisable from their source material, so why didn't they do the same for Chrono Trigger DS and pump it full of polygons and new-fangled renders? Well, the answer is quite simple – you don't mess with a classic. Chrono Trigger DS is a faithful port of the wonderful original, with subtle improvements to the script and a little extra gameplay. If the very, very minor sound issues, or the moderately-retro graphics don't bother you, then is a must-own, especially if you've never played it before.
Nintendo DSImperium Gier (Jan 30, 2009)
Długa, wciągająca przygoda, czternaście możliwych zakończeń oraz dodatkowe strefy i misje wprowadzone w nowej edycji. Oryginalny i wymagający systemem walki i doskonała oprawa audiowizualna. Epicki rozmach. Chrono Trigger doskonale przetrwał próbę czasu i dzisiejsze gry wciąż mogą mu niejednego pozazdrościć. A dla młodszych i starszych wielbicieli japońskiego RPG ten tytuł to absolutny mus, w który koniecznie trzeba zagrać!
Nintendo DSGameFocus (Dec 10, 2008)
You absolutely have no excuse now when someone asks you ‘Why haven’t you played Chrono Trigger?’ You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a US SNES version on eBay, import a Super Famicom and game from Japan or play the weaker PSOne version. This game is not only one of the best games ever made, but one of the best DS games available right now that every DS and RPG fan should have in their collection. Experience what all the hype was about 13 years ago because it’s worth every moment of your time.
Nintendo (Feb 03, 2009)
Ich wiederhole einfach mal das, was ich in meinem Eindruck des ersten Blicks auf das US-Modul kurz vor Weihnachten von mir gab: Es stellt sich nicht die Frage, ob Chrono Trigger sich gut gehalten hat. Sondern warum es in den letzten anderthalb Jahrzehnten und egal auf welchem System nur die allerwenigsten Rollenspiele aus Fernost schafften, perfektes Tempo, erzählerische Kunstfertigkeit und elegante Kämpfe mit solchem Geschick zu verbinden. Lediglich die neuen Ergänzungen glänzen nicht durch die Bank so hell wie das Ursprungsmaterial. Die Steuerung fügt sich nahtlos ein, aber Bonus-Dungeons und Chrono-Pokemon versuchen vergeblich, ein phänomenales Spiel, das längst beendet wurde, unnötig über seine Zeit hinaus zu retten. Am Besten, Ihr ignoriert dieses Zeugs einfach. Das Leben ist zu kurz für sinnlose Dungeons. Aber nie zu kurz, um nicht wenigstens einmal Chrono Trigger gespielt zu haben.
Packed with cool characters and evil villians and with a mind-boggling 14 possible endings, this is a must-have game!
Nintendo (Feb 20, 2009)
Chrono Trigger ist auch heute noch ein absolutes Meisterwerk. Die Zeitreisen von Chronos Truppe und deren Folgen, die sogar zu einer ganzen Reihe verschiedener Enden führen, haben kaum an Faszination verloren. Das Kampfsystem war schon damals seiner Zeit voraus und vom ausgeklügelten Gegner- und Leveldesign könnten sich auch aktuelle Rollenspiele eine Scheibe abschneiden. Gut, die zum Ende der 16Bit-Ära geradezu bombastische Optik wirkt mittlerweile ziemlich unspektakulär, aber nach wie vor charmant. Die Soundeffekte sind mitunter sogar eine regelrechte Qual, doch der exzellente Soundtrack ist trotz angestaubter Klangqualität auch heute noch ein Meisterstück.
Nintendo DSLegendra (Feb 07, 2009)
Chrono Trigger sur DS est un portage réussi finalement : la parfaite version Super NES plus les ajouts PS1, les loadings en moins. Le seul point noir dans le tableau se trouve au niveau de certains ajouts spécifiques à cette version DS, comme les donjons inutiles, la revue de l'interface ainsi que la jouabilité pour s'adapter à la console. Mis à part l'affichage de la carte sur le deuxième écran ainsi que le fameux donjon "Singing Mountain", tout le reste est inutile ou bâclé. Toujours aussi splendide, c'est un chef-d'œuvre intemporel qui a très bien vieilli et que tout amateur de RPG, novice ou expert doit faire au moins une fois dans sa vie. Il sort pour la première fois en France, entièrement traduit, les joueurs qui ne connaissent pas cette perle ont ainsi l'occasion de le découvrir dans une version très complète !
SNESLegendra (May 26, 2005)
L'histoire, pleine de rebondissements donne un scénario où vous pourrez même vous poser des questions philosophiques (pas uniquement les habituelles prises de tête sur les voyages dans le temps), et surtout où vous n'aurez pas tout compris dès les 15 premières minutes. Graphiquement c'est sans doute le plus beau jeu de la Snes, le système de combat est sympathique, les musiques sont excellentes. Bref, si vous ne deviez faire qu'un seul jeu Snes, faites celui-là.
Nintendo DSJeux Vidéo Network (May 17, 2009)
Réunis dans l’idée de créer le jeu de rôle ultime, les plus grands talents japonais du genre ont relevé le défi avec virtuosité. D’une beauté rare, Chrono Trigger offre une expérience inoubliable.
Nintendo DSGNT - Generation Nouvelles Technologies (Mar 02, 2009)
Il aura fallu attendre de nombreuses années avant de profiter de l'œuvre vidéoludique qu'est Chrono Trigger. Avec l'aide de cette version DS commercialisée et traduite pour l'Europe, les amateurs de RPG seront aux anges, qu'ils aient déjà parcouru l'aventure par le passé ou non. Le background, le système de jeu et l'aura dégagée jouent évidemment en la faveur de cette excellente production qui, quoi qu'on en dise, reste l'un des RPG les plus stables que nous ayons pu tâter ces dernières années. À n'en pas douter, il s'agit là d'un titre indispensable pour la DS.
Nintendo DSJeuxActu (Feb 10, 2009)
D’une cartouche inaccessible par voies officielles, Chrono Trigger est devenue aujourd’hui un morceau d’Histoire du jeu vidéo ouvert à tous, dans la langue de Molière qui plus est. Un état de fait qui se substituerait presque en argument exclusif tant la renommée et les qualités dont il recèle le précèdent. Aboutissement de l’âge d’or du RPG japonais sur 16-bits, ce classique instantané fait preuve, près de 14 ans après sa sortie initiale, d’un charisme intact, d’une incroyable modernité et d’un sens inné du rythme et de la narration. A n’en point douter un exemple qu’il faut plus que jamais montrer dans les écoles.
90 (Dec 15, 2011)
Une note qui traduit simplement le caractère universel d'un jeu qui fait depuis toujours l'unanimité auprès des joueurs. Adapté de la version DS, ce portage iPhone intègre une traduction intégrale en français et de nombreux suppléments inédits qui relancent son intérêt sur la durée, peu importe si la jouabilité au pad virtuel n'est pas optimale. Inégalé pour beaucoup, Chrono Trigger reste plus que jamais ce chef-d'oeuvre intemporel dont n'importe quel fan de RPG saura vous vanter les mérites.
Nintendo (Feb 12, 2009)
Seguramente ahora pareceré algo superficial, pero si tuviera la oportunidad de viajar al futuro una de las primeras cosas que me gustaría hacer –después de comprarme “el almanaque”, claro está– sería buscar una revista de videojuegos para ver cómo son (y por lo tanto, serán) los títulos del futuro. Si ese mismo viaje lo hubiese realizado en 1995 me hubiera sorprendido ver que casi 15 años después Chrono Trigger sigue siendo prácticamente el mismo juego de antes. Y es que, este desdén a la hora ponerse al día es algo que solamente unos pocos se pueden permitir. Quizás no tenga gráficos de última generación y su banda sonora en MIDI chirríe demasiado en estos tiempos que corren, pero en lo que respecta a frescura y originalidad este clásico de los RPG japoneses se mantiene tan bien como entonces. Todo esto no deja de ser una paradoja temporal: haz las cosas bien en el pasado y recogerás los frutos en el futuro.
SNESneXGam (2002)
Chrono Trigger ist auf dem SNES einfach klasse! Ich würde es ehrlich gesagt sogar jedem Final Fantasy vorziehen. Allein die Tatsache das es unzählige unterschiedliche Enden gibt, motiviert nach einer gewissen Zeitspanne immer wieder ein neues Spiel zu starten. Wenn euch das Englisch nicht abschreckt, dann solltet ihr unbedingt zugreifen! Kaufempfehlung!
Nintendo DSNintendo Life (Mar 18, 2009)
Chrono Trigger has stood the test of time- demonstrating the timeless sustainability that occurs when a synthesis of impeccable storytelling, gameplay, visuals and music takes place. The DS version is without a doubt the definitive edition of this beautiful work of art. Even if you’ve played it before, you should follow those nostalgic urges and pick up a copy- this is an essential purchase for any RPG fan. All in all, it’s a true masterpiece that is testament to what games should strive to be like.
Nintendo DSGamestyle (Feb 07, 2009)
The worst you can say about the extras is that they're inconsistent with the rest of the game, but you can mostly ignore them. They by no means make this the 'definitive' version, yet it is still a fantastic game regardless. It gets better as it goes, and perhaps even better with age, and still puts most other RPGs to shame. If you've not imported (or emulated) this before now, don't miss it.
Nintendo DSThe Review Busters (2008)
If you never played Chrono Trigger then you have no soul, it’s that simple. As much as I disliked the new additions in the game I still found myself enjoying Chrono Trigger again. Fans will want to play this one for the new ending and I don’t blame them. Before you buy this one make sure you have plenty of time to kill.
Nintendo DSRPGamer (Mar 08, 2009)
The additional playable content in Chrono Trigger DS is extremely disappointing, since it manages to be repetitive and boring instead of adding much to the game. Such a lack of vital new content means that this version of Chrono Trigger is inessential for anyone possessing the original. To anyone who has never played Chrono Trigger, however, this is an excellent method of doing so. The core game has aged well enough to make it worth a spirited recommendation regardless of the unnecessary new content, which can be ignored. Chrono Trigger's still got it.
Nintendo DSGame Positive (Jan 05, 2009)
Sticklers for plot and veterans who are only searching for something new in their old favorite may be disappointed, but for everyone else, Chrono Trigger has aged well. Its gameplay and scenario, while familiar, are still unique breaths of fresh air in a sea of cliches. The new additions could have been a bit more substantial, but the core package is so good that it makes this flaw easy to overlook. Considering the incredible price one would have to pay to acquire the original, Chrono Trigger is a great value that any RPG fan, old or new, can finally enjoy.
Nintendo DSUOL Jogos (Dec 19, 2008)
Muitas das novidades da versão para Nintendo DS de "Chrono Trigger" são dispensáveis, mas alguns de seus acertos contribuem para que o título seja a edição definitiva do clássico, com um visual mais limpo, tradução impecável e novas partes de enredo que deixam a história muito mais coesa. Porém, antes de tudo, "Chrono Trigger" é obrigatório para qualquer fã de RPG que se preze pelo seu conteúdo original: um jogo brilhante em todos os sentidos, com batalhas emocionantes e enredo envolvente. Quem já jogou não tem muitos motivos para fazê-lo de novo, a não ser para matar a saudade de um título de rara qualidade.
Nintendo DSAll Game Guide (2008)
Chrono Trigger for DS also includes bonus dungeons, animated cut scenes, maps, a list of all the possible endings, and wireless capabilities that let you engage in monster battles. The visuals are crisp, the sound quality is great, the music is addictive, and the dialogue has been polished and reworded while still remaining true to the original game. Players will also appreciate the fast pacing and endearing, easy-to-follow storyline. If you missed this title the first time around, or if you are feeling nostalgic, Chrono Trigger is a highly recommended purchase. After all, some adventures are simply timeless.
Nintendo DSImmoral Gamers (Apr 22, 2009)
Chrono Trigger remains a relevant piece of entertainment, and is more thought provoking and enjoyable than many of the games which have since followed it. Lost Odyssey, say. How very appropriate that a game fixating on time travel should be so capable of appearing fresh and new after all these years.
Nintendo DSgameZine (UK) (Feb 16, 2009)
And it's likely that you'll want to take the time to squeeze every last drop of gameplay out of Chrono Trigger, as its superb playability, epic storyline and wonderful characters are likely to keep you playing long after you should have gone to bed; and to work. Chrono Trigger is a must-have for any RPG fan who appreciates the genre’s classics.
Nintendo DSDefunct Games (Jan 27, 2009)
Chrono Trigger is one of those games that every RPG fan should play through at least once in their life. If you somehow missed it the first time around, this Nintendo DS cart is your second chance. And with all of the added content and animated cut-scenes, Chrono Trigger DS is the ultimate version of this classic adventure game. If you love the idea of time travel and always wished that Final Fantasy would move a little faster, then this is the game for you. Don't ignore this portable version, the last thing you would want to do is make the same mistake twice. Chrono Trigger is a real treat, a must-own game for anybody even remotely interested in adventure games.
Nintendo DSHonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (Dec 15, 2008)
Inevitably, remakes fall into one of two categories. Either you liked it the first time and aren’t going to change your mind, or you’re playing it for the first time and aren’t getting it. Really, the reason the game appealed to those of us who played it originally is because we were young adults at the time, and Chrono Trigger is a classic young adult epic in both presentation and story. Therefore, I recommend it specifically to that crowd. This is a chance for the next generation to include Chrono Trigger in their childhood memories. For those of us who already have those memories, the DS allows us to relive them in all sorts of new places... like the city bus, or the bathroom at an expensive hotel. And you’re not a true fan if you can say no to that.
Nintendo DSHooked Gamers (Dec 18, 2008)
Chrono Trigger was and still is a great game. It's a true testament to the timelessness of this game because so much was left intact for this release. If you have yet to play Chrono Trigger (once again you should be ashamed) then this is the definitive release of the title - and if you are a fan of the game then you should definitely be getting this version. However if you have played the game and are not in love with it and need a reason to buy it, I'm not sure I can give you one as it really is the same game it has been for 14 years. But for me that is all it will ever have to be.
Nintendo DSGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2008)
Chrono Trigger hasn’t changed much since it was first released for the SNES in 1995. The interface is cleaner since all of the battle stats are on the bottom screen, and there are a couple new bells and whistles, but that’s about it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing –the gameplay withstands the test of time, but you shouldn’t expect any drastic improvements. Then again, there aren’t many ways you could improve on Chrono Trigger. It’s a true classic, and playing it should be a government-mandated rite of passage for any role-playing fan.
Nintendo DSPocket Gamer UK (Dec 20, 2008)
But, if you are a role-playing fan who's never experienced this game before (highly likely given the lack of a European release), then you're in for a treat. Fourteen years may be considered stretching the point, but, in this case at least, a good thing's coming to those who've long waited – and all without the assistance of an infinite number of monkeys, too.
Nintendo DSGamervision (Dec 19, 2008)
Honestly, Chrono Trigger’s main flaw is the fact that it came out in 1995. This might sounds like a really stupid thing to complain about, and for gamers who love old-school RPGs, this won’t be an issue at all. However, the genre has come a long way since then, and even with some new missions and tweaks, there’s no denying that Chrono Trigger is decidedly antiquated. Don’t get me wrong, this game is still wonderful, and Square Enix have made sure that the handheld remake is the definitive version of the game. Chrono Trigger DS is a remake done right, and both longtime fans and new players should pick it up.
Nintendo (Dec 16, 2008)
Chrono Trigger has so many good things going for it that it's difficult not to recommend it to everyone. Even after all these years it still surprises me, and this new DS version is a great way to introduce new fans to the adventure.
Nintendo DSGameSpy (Dec 08, 2008)
Chrono Trigger is one of the best examples of what the Japanese RPG experience can offer. Its gameplay feels more unique and inviting to those who aren't enamored with selecting boring attack commands for their static sprites to follow. Its sprite-based characters are charming in a way that modern character designs rarely allow. While the new DS-specific features don't manage to make the game seem modern in any way, that doesn't seem to be the intent. Instead, the classic time-spanning storyline has been presented in its original form, with a tweak here and there, out to prove that it's still incredibly entertaining to this day.
SNESRPGamer (Jun 14, 2003)
All in all, Chrono Trigger is a delightful game. While there may be less to it than other RPGs, and it isn't particularly difficult, it has the polish, innovation, and replay value to keep players coming back time and again.
The majority of games simply aren't this good. It stands aside from the crowd and you'd be crazy to miss it.
In my conversations with my friends who play RPGs, I was surprised to learn that few of them had heard of Chrono Trigger. Fortunately, the gaming world at large has come to appreciate just how special this game really is. The original SNES cartridge is a collector?s item and I?ve seen mint-condition versions sell for hundreds of dollars. It can also be found for the PlayStation at various outlets (see sidebar). Either way, Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest RPG?s of all time, albeit one that is not without some appropriateness concerns.
Nintendo (Feb 13, 2009)
Zwar sind die neuen DS-Inhalte eher Mittelmaß, doch der Kern des Spiels ist auch 14 Jahre nach dem Release ein Meilenstein der Rollenspielgeschichte, der noch immer für stundenlangen Spielspaß sorgt. Wer sich nicht an 2D-Grafik und englischem Text stört, sollte sich den Kauf gar nicht erst überlegen - sondern einfach zuschlagen! Und falls dies jemand von Square Enix liest: Danke für dieses geniale Spiel, das jetzt endlich in der ultimativen Version vorliegt – wenn ihr jetzt noch Chrono Cross und Xenogears nach Europa bringt und vielleicht die Chrono-Serie noch fortsetzt, ist mein Rollenspielhimmel perfekt.
88 (Oct, 2002)
Chrono Trigger really has everything a gamer could want from a game. Superb graphics, great soundtrack, unique characters, and an unforgettable story. Once you start playing this time-traveling epic, it just might bring you to thievery amongst your friends. If you haven't played Chrono Trigger, go check it out. It truly is a timeless classic.
Nintendo DSGameZone (Dec 12, 2008)
The must-have DS RPG you've like already played through, Chrono Trigger is a thoroughly entertaining game with a lengthy quest, an excellent combat system, an unforgettable soundtrack, likable characters and so much more.
Nintendo DSIGN (Nov 20, 2008)
The game is virtually unchanged in its core, having a new script re-write, but retaining the visuals, music, character designs, interface styles, and options of the source material. At the same time, Square Enix also ensures that this is the definitive version of Chrono Trigger out there, as the game comes complete with every option you could ever want for touch vs. button control, two or single screen display, or game pacing and difficulty. Where things should have been left the same, they were. Where fixes or additions could be made, they have. Yes it’s a $40 game for a title many of us have played until our thumbs were sore, and it’s unchanged in a lot of ways from what you played back in 1995 or in 2001, but it’s also just as captivating, imaginative, or well made now as it was then. I could write volumes on this game, but it isn’t needed. If you’ve never played Chrono Trigger before, buy this game.
Nintendo DSGame Captain (Feb 08, 2009)
Die Wertung ist jedenfalls unter Vorbehalt zu genießen und als Kompromiss zu verstehen - Retro-Fans können draufschlagen, Enttäuschte müssen abziehen. Grundsätzlich rate ich aber jedem Rollenspielfan, der bisher noch nicht in den Genuss von Chrono Trigger kam, jetzt zuzuschlagen – Die beste Version des Meisterwerks befindet sich ab sofort auf dem DS.
Nintendo (Jan 01, 2009)
Despite being 13 years old, Chrono Trigger is a game that still holds strong, even when put up against more recent RPG outings. If you haven’t experienced Chrono Trigger by now, this is an absolute must-have in your DS collection. Even at the absurd $40 price-tag, this game is worth every penny.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Nov 21, 2008)
Chrono Trigger is a fantastic synthesis of excellent storytelling, game design, music, and gameplay that has withstood the test of time and should be considered required playing for any fan of role-playing games. Though its extra content is hit or miss and it's essentially a direct port of a game released 13 years ago, the DS version is easily the definitive edition of this masterpiece, regardless of whether Chrono Trigger is one of those games you've only ever heard of before or you're a dedicated fan who has played through it dozens of times.
SNESRPGFan (Nov 27, 1998)
Chrono Trigger is a very solid game featuring an epic journey and a huge amount of places to explore and travel. Although it's hindered by a failry unattractive overworld map and an unfortunate lack of personality in the main character, Chrono Trigger is not an experience to be missed.
WiiNintendo Wii X / GameCube X (May 23, 2011)
Und wie jeder Hype hat auch das Gewühl um Chrono Trigger seine Schattenseiten, denn wer heute an das Spiel herangeht und den Über-Titel erwartet, zu dem es von seinen Fans gemacht wird, kann eigentlich nur enttäuscht sein. Die Handlung ruht sich auf einer einzelnen, zugegeben jedoch sehr ergreifenden und für damalige Zeiten gut erzählten Storywendung aus und das Gameplay dümpelt gemächlich vor sich hin; wer weniger freundlich gestimmt ist, könnte sogar sagen, es langweilt. Dass Chrono Trigger trotzdem ein gutes Spiel ist, will von uns beiden keiner bestreiten - wer es bis heute noch nicht gespielt hat und zum VC-Release greifen woll, soll das also bitte tun, sich vor allem beim sehr langsamen Spieleinstieg aber auch vor Augen halten, dass nicht jeder in diesem Spiel das absolute RPG-Paradebeispiel sieht.
PlayStationRandom Access (Feb 07, 2013)
Chrono Trigger still stands as the epitome of RPGs in the 16-bit era. It heralds from a simpler time when monster collection or excessive customization weren't such common commodities. It may also have been the first RPG to have more than one ending... or more than ten, as the case may be. Instead, Chrono Trigger stands as royalty in the realms of storytelling, character arcs, and classic RPG gameplay. Fans of RPGs should not miss out on what many consider to be the pinnacle of the genre, and those who don't normally venture this way in their gaming time should seriously reconsider, as they are missing out on a true gaming masterpiece and one of the finest digital art pieces of all time.
iPhone148apps (Dec 16, 2011)
Even so, this is still a classic and still a fantastic game that needs to be played by any and all RPG lovers. The controls can be very, very irritating at times but the core experience, characters and storyline have weathered the storm of porting and still provide as much enjoyment as they ever had. I’m still kind of cheesed-off by the butchering of Frog’s script, though.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Dec 12, 2011)
Despite Square Enix’s slovenly porting skills, none of Chrono Trigger’s brilliance has been obscured in this rather lazy iOS port. Hours of riveting RPG entertainment await those of you willing to look past the fuzzy graphics and occasionally awkward controls.
Nintendo (Feb 11, 2009)
Malgré son âge, Chrono Trigger reste un jeu à part, audacieux et réalisé sans complexe, au charme fou et aux trouvailles délicieuses. Le tout baigné dans une atmosphère aussi touchante que prenante, avec un scénario aux multiples rebondissements et aboutissements. Aussi bien dans la forme (esthétique, musique) que dans le fond (fidélité à l'oeuvre originale, gameplay riche et varié, bonus notables), cette version DS répare une longue injustice, en offrant à tous les amateurs français du genre l'un des tout meilleurs RPG jamais conçus. Que dire de plus ?... Vous êtes encore là à vous poser des questions ? Courez l'acheter !
Nintendo DSThunderbolt Games (Apr 22, 2009)
All said, it was certainly worth it for Square Enix to port Chrono Trigger to the DS. Now able to reach a younger generation of gamers, and those who maybe were not so lucky to sample it on the SNES, people can prepare to be charmed by this lovable RPG. Chrono Trigger is worth travelling back in time for again and again.
Nintendo DSRPGamer (Mar 01, 2009)
Chrono Trigger DS is definitely a great game, and any RPG fan who hasn't played this classic should not miss this opportunity to add it to their collection. However, despite its former glory, video games have advanced significantly in the last fifteen years, making Chrono Trigger a slightly aged experience. Could you travel back to 1995, it would be one of the greatest RPGs in existence. But time travel is only possible in the game. Chrono Trigger is past its prime, but still healthy enough to be enjoyed.
Chrono Trigger is the newest in an increasing number of quality RPGs to come out in the past year. Coming on the heels of games like Ogre Battle and Might & Magic III, Chrono Trigger could easily have paled in comparison. Instead, Squaresoft has brought us another reason to hold onto our SNES.
SNESCubed3 (Jan 29, 2003)
One of the best SNES RPGs released, and maybe even one of the finest RPG creations of all-time. It’s just a crying shame that us Europeans missed out on not only the SNES version, but the PSX port as well!
Nintendo DSThe Video Game Critic (Mar 12, 2009)
Chrono Trigger is imaginative and innovative, but like any RPG, you'll really need a lot of time and dedication to fully enjoy it.
SNESRetroguiden (Jan 12, 2010)
Jag inser förstås att jag antagligen tillhör en minoritet då Chrono Trigger fortfarande åtnjuter positivare recensioner än denna. Om detta beror på skygglappar för spelets brister, en bländning från spelets starka manus eller helt enkelt kommer av nostalgitankar låter jag vara osagt. Jag har dock högre krav än så här och därför anser jag det viktigt att poängtera att du säkerligen får det kul med Chrono trigger, men förvänta dig inte det där mästerverket som spelets rykte vill göra gällande.
SNESEdge (Aug 28, 1995)
Chrono Trigger is more lightweight than Final Fantasy in almost every department. And the graphics (with characters by another Japanese superstar, Akira (Dragon Ball) Toriyama) ultimately lack the grandeur of Final Fantasy. But for SNES owners bitten by the RPG bug, Chrono Trigger is a welcome oasis in the barren wasteland of translated Japanese RPGs. With Square producing games on Nintendo’s 16bit machine thick and fast, owners can still feel justifiably smug in the face of next generation competition.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (May 20, 2007)
Chrono Trigger is still, at its heart, an extremely linear RPG, despite being able to take on the boss at any time. Having your hand held from area to another grows tiresome, much as it does in most RPGs, but things are remedied late in the game with a plethora of nonlinear side quests. These missions help flesh out the characters, such as the heroic frog and four-eyed inventor. Even after all these years and a flawed sequel, Chrono Trigger is still a gem, due to these fun side quests and interesting time travel. There are a few welcome additions to this port to the PSone, but the load times are frustrating, and they shouldn’t even exist considering the meager graphics. If possible, stick with SNES version if you need a fix of old-school RPG. Otherwise, proceed with caution when dealing with this otherwise first-rate game.
Nintendo DSGaming since 198x (Jan 06, 2009)
Qu'on ne s'y méprenne pas: Chrono Trigger reste une valeur sûre du JRPG. Mais ce remake DS, s'il permet enfin au jeu de sortir en Europe, n'apporte pas grand chose au jeu SNES original si ce n'est le plaisir d'y jouer dans la poche. Un remake de fainéant, donc, qui fleure bon l'opportunisme et l'argent facile. Il serait injuste toutefois de vouer au pilori un titre qui mérite largement qu'on s'y intéresse pour peu qu'on aime le genre, ne serait-ce que pour son scénario de très haute tenue et sa réalisation de qualité.
iPhoneMacLife (Jan 09, 2012)
If an iPhone or iPod touch is your only option to experience Chrono Trigger, don't hesitate to play it. But caveat emptor -- this iteration needs a patch to hang with the better versions available on other platforms.