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Chuck Norris Superkicks Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 2600 version

Startup screen and Xonox logo
Which path should I take?
You get a closeup view when fighting
Different enemies may require a different strategy to defeat
If I chose the wrong route, the path will suddenly be blocked before I can get through
Now I'm outnumbered...
Avoid those ninja stars being thrown at you!
The entrance to the monastery
Two minutes left to fight the numerous ninjas inside the monastary!

ColecoVision version

Startup screen / Xonox logo
Walking along the path...
Fights start off easy with just one opponent
I've been knocked down!
Wandering through the mountains...
Now it's two against one!
Hmm, which way do you want to go?
Watch out for the ninja stars your opponents throw
Now I'm really outnumbered!
Arriving at the monestary
Fight off the numerous ninjas at the monestary

Commodore 64 version

The beginning location
The first few fights there is only one opponent
Argh, the path is blocked!
Different opponents may require different moves to defeat
Hmm, which path to take?
Uh oh, two opponents now!
Enemies throwing stars at me...
Three on one?! I've been knocked down...
Approaching the final destination...
Fighting ninjas, some of which can turn invisible!

VIC-20 version

Startup screen / Xonox logo
Closeup view for fighting
My path is blocked!
A fight in progress
Uh oh, I'm outnumbered!
Each fight takes place in a different location
Which way do I want to go here?
I'm surrounded!
These guys are throwing ninja stars at me!