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Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Suburbs Zone 1
Start of Level 1
Oh no, it's a big chicken?
Watch out for those spikes
It's not a tarzan.It's a son of chuck.
Game Over
End of level 1

Amiga CD32 version

Intro: Chuck builds cars
Intro: his son is born and is a chip from the old block
Intro: Chuck Rock 2
Title screen: Son of Chuck
Level 1 start
Level 2 start
Level 2
Level 3 start
Level 4 start
Boss level

Game Gear version

Title part 1
Title part 2
Collect the sweets
Use the trampoline to bounce higher
Looking bored
Use the vines to swing across
The 1st boss
Dino is looking mashed
Beaten the dinosaur
Flame thrower
Balance on the boulder
Ride the turle over the lava
An extra life

Genesis version

Title part 1
Title part 2
Collect the sweets
A cave man
Swing on the vines
Ude trampoline to jump higher
Dont get stomped on
Ride the dinosaur
Whack lizard for a platform
Bonus level
Level 2 swing on the bananas
Get a lift
A clam
A fish
Fat bloke
The boss
A balancing trick
Ride the beatle
Slippy ledge
Ozrics title
Another bonus level
Balance on the boulder
Use the turtle to cross the lava
An enemy with a flame thrower
A mother and her kids
A dark cave
Knock away the bits of rock
Thanks for help
Like a Tarzan
Going up the tree
The lava tree
The fruit mountain
Snow problem
Meet Morgan Moose
Sergei the sea slug
In the smelly sewers
The car factory
Uhoh Brick Jagger and his robot
Villain defeated

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Intro Movie
Junior goes Clubbing
Giant Walking Dinosaur
Junior must fight his way to the front of this dinosaur.
Butterfly Valley
A tree like burning.
First Boss

SEGA Master System version

Title screen: Part 1
Title screen: Part 2
How to get to those tasty candies?
Level completed
Starting location
Hiding behind a barrel, spying on an enemy
Level begins
It's good to know where you should go...
Smash those blocks to advance.
Options menu