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Chuck Rock Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Start of intro
Intro - the bad guy is watching
Intro - the wife gets kidnapped
Loading screen
Game start
Hitching a ride
Level 2

Amiga version

The Story
Someone spying chuck's house
Chuck watching TV?
The bad guy
Chuck's girlfriend
Title screen
Start of level 1
Chuck's eyes pop out when he gets hurt.
Riding with dinosaur
Chuck gets some help
Even dino's have to do it.
Game Over

Amiga CD32 version

What could this stone age Elvis be after?
A-ha, of course!
She's suspicious.
Chuck Rock wonders what all the ruckus is about.
I wonder when the dragging-women-by-the-hair-stereotype started.
Title screen.
Chuck Rock, hiding behind a palm tree at the beginning of level 1.
Riding a dinosaur across the swamp.
Cuck attacks with his belly.
Thank you, kind friend!
Watch out, he's about to drop something!

Atari ST version

From the intro
Title screen
The starting location
Ouch! Got hit by a blue creature
I'm dead.
Riding a dinosaur
Got hit by a rock
Let's ride it!
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting position
Stacking a few stones to get up the ledge
Crossing the water on the back of a tiny brontosaur

Game Boy version

somethings hiding in the tree
Im hit
A beasty
Brambles hurt
Use the water spout to cross
The bird picks you up

Game Gear version

Splash screen
Title screen
Start screen
It is always night in the Sega version
Chuck jumps
Chuck is hurt

Genesis version

Use the dinosaur to cross water
Chuck rock by name chuck rock by nature
Use bird to lift you along
Big Legs
Level 1 boss
ice cave
Sabre tooth
Scared stiff
The dinosaur graveyard
The opening to new level inside mouth
Inside the belly of the beast
Mammoth boss
Gary the Trex
Jumps animation is weird
Falling rocks
(Gore scene behind the rock)

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Humorous Animated Introduction
Chuck can carry rocks over his head.
Stack rocks to climb higher.
Yay! Dinosaur ride!
Chuck is apparently only vaguely aware of his surroundings.
First Level Boss Dino
The second, spooky level.

SEGA Master System version

Splash screen
Title screen
Chuck jumps high for a fat caveman
Carrying a boulder like Fred Flintstone
Let's travel the poisonous sea
Crossing the sea
Level 2
Chuck is carried by a pteranodon
Game over!

SNES version

Title screen
Riding a dinosaur!
Be careful not to fall down there...
Starting the game