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Cindy's Caribbean Holiday Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

A scene from the animated introduction where the girls get together to hear Cindy's good news
The game's main menu
The adventures on offer
The start of the "Packing for the holidays" mini-game.
This is Cindy's room. There are 18 items to be found. They are removed from the screen by clicking on them
This is level 2 - Kate's room. Look familiar
The start of the 'Interior Designer' mini game
Spot the difference here? The light fitting has been changed
The 'Lost Rabbits' mini-game starts here
There's a green rabbit over on the grass in the lower left. The player has to click on it before it goes back behind a tree
The 'Delicious Fruits' mini-game has just started. The player must move their character beneath the descending fruit
Bugs, like the green one on the left, must be avoided
Bugs, like the blue one on the left, must be avoided. At the end of level 2 and at the end of the game, the player is given a score
The Bikini Fun mini-game starts here with the player picking a girl to dress.
The controls are the same as the Interior Designer mini game. The player scrolls through the half dozen or so hats, swim suits, shoes & glasses available, then selects their choice
Cindy's clothes have been changed!
These are the Cool Tests on offer
The Boyfriend Finder starts here
This is a sample question from the Boyfriend Finder
The results of the Boyfriend Finder. Nice that the player can try again until they get the name they want
A sample question from the Coolest Girl test
The results of a Coolest Girl quiz
The start of the Pet Finder
One of the pet Finder questions
The Pet Finder results
A sample question from the Friendship Indicator
The Friendship Indicator results. Frankly I was hoping for something a little more 'glowing'.
The Beach Images section. Oddly Butterflies, Bureau's, cars, rabbits, aircraft, apples & hens don't seem that 'beachy' to me
The player must select the next number in sequence. The game completes the drawing
When completed the game replaces the spiky dot-to-dot drawing with one it prepared earlier