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Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title 1/2
Title 2/2
3000-Turbo DOHC24
Select car
First objective
Need to pass these three police cruisers to reach 2nd place
Damn! Car flipped over
"I can't believe I just gave way to a taxi!"
About to collide with a STOP sign
Driving through Bay St.
"I'm nearly at the goal. Yay!"
Stage results
Second objective
"Get out of the friggin' way, you bloody Sunday driver!"
You know, killing an entire family is a serious offense
First checkpoint in the game
Third objective
Must be a Monolith Burger around here somewhere
Fourth objective
This was what Bill Gates looked like 20 years ago
Turning a corner
Let's take a dip
Fifth objective
Must be a festival around here somewhere
Finally No. 1
Name Entry

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen
Legal bit
On the grid
On the move
Taking a hill
A junction ahead
Onto the third part of the race

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Car.
Vehicle Choice.
Let's Go.
Racing other police officers.
A sharp bend up ahead.
Taking the sharp bend.
Avoid obstacles.
Finishing line ahead.
Finished 3rd.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
One of the cars
Select car to drive
Sometimes it's hard to stay on the road
Don't ram the tram
Game over
Progress map
The high score table

Commodore 64 version

Title and credits
The race is about to start.
Going downhill
Someone overtakes us.

DOS version

Graphics selection screen
Splash screen (VGA)
Pick a car. (VGA)
Ready... set... (VGA)
And they're off! (VGA)
Squeezing between the toll booths. (VGA)
One of those famous San Francisco hills coming up! (VGA)
Out of time -- continue? (VGA)
Spinning out after hitting an obstacle. (VGA)
How far along the map did I make it? (VGA)
High scores (VGA)
Splash screen (CGA)
Pick a car. (CGA)
Ready... set...(CGA)
And they're off! (CGA)
Splash screen (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Pick a car. (EGA)
Ready... set...(EGA)
And they're off! (EGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen 1
Load screen 2
Credits 2. This display builds slowly, over a minute or so. Its followed by more credits for the development team, then the 1st stage needs loading
The start of the game. I start 3rd. there's a timer on the left and a speedometer on the right.
Sorry guys, no way is this the 'Golden Gate'. Seriously, the race has just started and it's on American roads. That means there are few real twists and turns.
The roads are still straight. I'm now 6th, (later I realised I should have changed gear)
This is a bend in the road.
Note the odd size of the buildings. This is a hard left turn. If you miss it you will crash into either the signpost or an invisible wall. You cannot go straight on by mistake
Out of time. This is when I remembered I needed to change gear.
Replaying in high gear. That bend is a lot harder now. I clipped a bush and this is the resultant crash. In every crash the car flips, does a roll or two and starts again seemingly undamaged
There are obstacles such as lorries and cross traffic to contend with. At speed they can be hard to avoid. I just crashed through them, its easier and there seems to be little penalty
Made it to Fisherman's Wharf, sort of, I've just made an unexpected 90 degree turn. This is the destination.
Made it and with 0.9 seconds to spare. There's a nice banner, a blimp, and a bit further down the road a selection of party balloons.
Score board
The next section looks familiar