Civil War: Secret Missions Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
There are 10 missions to choose from, five for each side.
Each mission comes with a short opening video.
Loading screens provide a general info on the mission.
Got to fend off the attack until reinforcements arrive.
They got a cannon besides the obvious strength in numbers.
Got to try and take out the cannon crew first.
Now that the cannon is no longer pounding, this building will hold a little longer.
Firing from an elevated position sure has its advantages.
On rare occasions, you can use enemy cannons.
Grenades are extremely effective in this game.
Bad spot to run out of bullets.
You can fight at close range with a rifle, but enemy won't stay idly so time your swings to land a hit each time.
Without all those modern weapons and gadgets, enemies may be hard to see or shoot unless you come closer.
Lone shooter at the top of that waterfall.
They seem determined to protect the Gatling gun.
Hitting something with a Gatling gun seems much harder then when they were wielding it.
One grenade and this barricade is no more.
They're holed inside that storage house.
When things are dire, General Lee himself comes to ask for the help.
Some enemies are simply too far engage without a sniper rifle.
Taking out the sharpshooters on the upper ridge.
Encountering another blockade when trying to go around.
That train is transporting a precious cargo which we will gladly take.
Getting ready for a naval warfare.
During naval mission you have to hit all the far away targets before the time runs out.
The mission point of conflict.
Sometimes it's easier to rely on your gun than a nearby sitting Gatling gun.
Enemy snipers got us pinned down.
Now that the Gatling gun crew is down, we can all breathe easier.
Taking on artillery crew to help our invading comrades.
Our troops are advancing.
Disembarking from a warship and into the urban fight.
The picture will blur whenever you get hit.
Over a century old urban warfare.
Some obstacles and crates you can jump over.
No more sniper on the balcony.
Revolvers aren't much of use beyond the house interiors or very close combat.
Their final stand, this capital too is going down.

Windows version

Main menu.
Loading screen.
Reloading your gun in the middle of the battle. Don't worry, take your time.
This Colt rifle will deal with that guy.
And this is how you reload a Colt rifle, ladies and gentlemen.
You'd better use that cannon as soon as possible.
That guy up there is going down.
A fellow soldier.
Remington revolver, can I touch it?
The Pepperbox revolver is incredibly cute (and also incredibly useless at long-range).

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