Civilization: Call to Power Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Just Starting
The Great Library
Early Rome
Ice Covered Mountains

Windows version

Main menu
Choosing your civilization.
When our settler reaches that Stonehenge looking building a special event occurs (in most cases gold can be found).
Our research isn't that advanced so far.
For all research objects, units, forms of government etc. there is a description.
The damn Germans don't want to trade maps with me.
When the population is happy they build monuments for their leader.
Cut-scenes appear after building wonders of the world.
Statistics: the Scots are the most powerful nation at the moment.
Comparing democracy and facism.
That's how we imagine an Irishman, don't we?
Fighting screen: Scottish tanks against Portuguese archers.
My first city in outer space
Year 2072. It's all a bit more complex by now.