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PSPGaming Age (Jun 29, 2009)
Really though, most of my complaints are pretty minor, and I definitely enjoyed Class of Heroes. It's a tough little game, but it has a lot of content to check out, and a pretty appealing art style, along with a catchy soundtrack. There's some neat little touches, like the random noises in the dungeons that let you know you're not quite alone down there, and the dialogue between the teachers is handled pretty well, with some humorous stuff tossed in. Crafting is a bit of a pain, and the learning curve is a little high to begin with, but outside of that it's worth checking out if you're an RPG fan, even if you've never been that into dungeon crawling titles before. Be prepared for some difficulty, and I think you'll end up enjoying this one.
PSPRPGamer (2009)
Class of Heroes is about the gameplay, though, not the story or visuals or sound, and it triumphs magnificently. If Etrian Odyssey showed that English-speaking gamers are willing to dip into the subgenre, Class of Heroes shows that the subgenre can actually be fun, and it is no wonder that the game was so successful in Japan. Finally, an approachable Wizardry clone is available for those turned away by the brutality of Dark Spire and the childish simplicity of Shining in the Darkness. Anyone looking to try out this type of game would be best advised to start here.
PSPDestructoid (Jun 10, 2009)
There's so much depth to be found in Class of Heroes for fans of the dungeon crawling genre, it's almost overwhelming how much time you can spend playing with the details. On the other hand, the learning curve is much steeper than other games of its kind, and it may turn off gamers who pick it up due to the cute anime look and have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Then again, if you're going for anything with the word Atlus on the cover thinking you're going to get off easy, well, you'll learn fast.
PSPRPGFan (Jun 10, 2009)
Class of Heroes manages to complete the job of being an introductory RPG, and it does a couple of things right, but it wasn't much fun. It was a game with potential–but the disappointing class types, bland combat and an underwhelming alchemy system prevented the game from excelling. It can fulfill your PSP dungeon crawling fix, and the length will keep you occupied for a while, but in the end, there are better dungeon crawlers out there that deserve more attention.
PSPGamesRadar (Jun 28, 2009)
Class of Heroes delivers some quality dungeon crawling, which will wake up the back-tracking, corner-hugging, poke-at-everything completionist within you. Unfortunately, the game strays too far into the casual realm when it comes to combat. It’s simply too easy for its own good, which slightly sours what might’ve been an awesome JRPG.
PSPGamervision (Jun 23, 2009)
Class of Heroes presents some interesting new ideas to an often stale genre, but doesn’t do enough with them. If there had been a stronger plot, more character customization options, a reasonable difficulty curve, or more unique fighting elements, this would have been one of the best dungeon-crawlers in recent memory. Class of Heroes isn’t a bad game, but doesn’t do enough to make you want to stay with it for the many, many hours it will take to complete it. While it seems like this game was made to introduce new fans to the genre, it falls back into familiar territory and fails to make its mark.
There is certainly a market out there for Class of Heroes. The punishing dungeon-based gameplay and first-person visuals may find a few fans out there. However, I just found the entire experience to be bland overall, and the lack of any type of story or characters with personality made it really hard for me to want to play this game. Unfortunately, I am sure many other RPG enthusiasts will see it this way, and it seems that Class of Heroes may be a study hall worth sleeping through.
PSPGamernode (Jun 23, 2009)
Fans of games from Atlus, and games like The Dark Spire and Etrian Odyssey will likely dig Class of Heroes and should pick this up as they will likely get the most out of it, but everyone else should stay clear. For them there's nothing really compelling enough to warrant more than some light dabbling, which would be pointless with a game like this.
PSPGameZone (Jun 17, 2009)
Class of Heroes won't be the game most RPG fans drool over, but it's worth playing if you love dungeon crawlers, don't mind the repetition or unfair difficulty, and embrace the idea of investing several hours in a game whose experience rarely changes.
PSPIGN (Jun 15, 2009)
Class of Heroes is totally functional and has a tremendous amount of level-grinding to do, so I know there are gamers out there that will love it. But when I play an RPG, I need something more than just hard statistics and static character portraits. Level-grinding is a satisfying element in the RPG formula, but only when you're rewarded with something else, like an enthralling story, charming characters or enticing visuals. Class of Heroes doesn't really have those things -- it's a hollow shell designed to deliver only the most rudimentary level-grinding and nothing more. If you're still interested in the aforementioned grind, you'll find plenty to do in Class of Heroes. But I think some "classic" gameplay mechanics are better left in the past.
50 (Dec 04, 2009)
Doch hat man den ersten Schock erst einmal überwunden, den zähen Einstieg hinter sich gebracht und sich mit den spielerischen Feinheiten vertraut gemacht, übt Class of Heroes eine unerwartete Faszination aus. Das äußerlich öde Leveldesign hat durchaus seine Reize, die Aktionsmöglichkeiten werden zahlreicher, die Kämpfe spannender. Man experimentiert mit der facettenreichen Charakterentwicklung, fertigt im Labor neue Ausrüstung und es flammt manchmal sogar so etwas wie eine Handlung auf. Erzählerisch bleibt der Titel trotzdem blass, die vorsintflutliche Präsentation und Spielmechanik lassen sich kaum schön reden. Geduldige Retro-Jäger und -Sammler werden aber letztendlich doch noch ausreichend bedient.
PSPLegendra (Aug 10, 2009)
Class of Heroes n'est pas un jeu qui transcende par ses graphismes, son scénario ou encore son système de combat. Il est plutôt dédié aux hardcore gamers fans de Dungeon-RPG, qui aiment explorer les donjons et collecter tous les items d'un jeu (je leur souhaite bien du courage !).