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Classic Concentration Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Copyright info screen
How many players?
You need to swap the disks.
We give you one space for free. Try to match two prizes.
I found a stereo. Looking for its mate.
This time I found glassware and a sofa. No match.
She matched a computer.
More of the puzzle is revealed.
I have revealed more of the puzzle. Do I want to solve it?
Lynne is solving the puzzle.
The solved puzzle, "Pressed for time".
Swap back to the other disk.
You lost. Play again?

DOS version

Opening Screen
You may need to Pause the screen to see this screen, if you have a fast computer.
Choosing your character. Four different pictures for male and female are available.
She just won, and she's excited. Her prizes are listed behind her on the board.
As tiles are removed (with correct matching), more of the hidden puzzle is revealed.
The Top Scorers' .DAT file is written to disk each time you play.

NES version

Title screen
Main menu
The game begins...
Now it looks better...
That was hard...