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    In this zany 2-D fighter, it's just another day for a humble traveling circus troupe when a meteor crash-lands in their camp. The otherworldly orb, made entirely out of interstellar clay, contaminates all the circus employees, turning them into bizarrely superpowered versions of themselves. Choose from among the unique clay creatures, such as Bonker, the cheerfully manic clown, or Blue Suede Goo, the mild-mannered Elvis impersonator turned violent vocalist. Master their "Claytalities," like the operatic Helga's deadly high note and Bad Mr. Frosty's fists of snowball fury!

    Contributed by Victor Vance (10125) on Mar 02, 2015.

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    Clay Fighter


    An icy stare, a cold-hearted punch, a cold-blooded kick - now the fun begins! Once a mild mannered snowman, this devious spawn of winter uses action-packed moves to give his enemies major chills. But the other Clay Fighters may have a little something to say about that!

    Their insane antics (full of hidden moves and combos) and their hilarious comments (in amazing digitized speech) keep the blood 'n guts out and the major laughs in, as they fight to become King of the Big Top!

    It's a cold world out there. It's time to have some fun.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 28, 2003.

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    Clay Fighter

    Those other fighting games have just run head-on into a major road block. Because Bad Mr. Frosty and his powerful road gang of clay-animated characters are kicking, punching and knocking out those so called tough guys. And they're doing it with wild shenanigans and hilarious moves that'll keep you laughing at 100 m.p.h.

    Bad Mr. Frosty and the Clay Fighters
    - they're right up your alley.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 28, 2003.

Back of Cover:
    Let's Kick Some Clay!

    Sticks and stones might make him groan, but clay will really tick him off! Bad Mister Frosty is the name and fun is the game when this Snowman-with-an-Attitude sets out to clean house. Fists and feet fly (as well as other parts) as Bad Mister Frosty and his Clay Fighter friends smack it out in head-to-head fighting action. This incredible 16-meg cartridge gives you multiple Larger-than-life characters to choose from. Bad Mister Frosty, Taffy, Bonker, Blob, Helga, Ickybod Clay, Tiny and Blue Suede Goo are the members of the mud-slinging mob who are determined to be top dog! So fire up your Super NES and let the fun begin. After all, who hasn't wanted to give a noogie to a snowman?

  • Clay flies in this major 16 Meg Cart with unreal graphics.
  • Hilarious head-to-head 1 or 2 player fighting action.
  • The Clay Fighter characters are the biggest guys ever seen in any Super NES game.
  • Bad Mister Frosty, Taffy, Bonker, Blob, Helga, Ickybod Clay, Tiny and Blue Suede Goo talk to you in digitized speech.
  • Loads of mind-boggling hidden moves and combos.
  • Versus mode to match your wits against your friends.
  • No blood & guts here.
  • Huge clay animated characters come to life with amazing digitized sound and voice.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69379) on Aug 24, 2003.