Cleopatra: Riddle of the Tomb Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro Screen
Intro screen (US version)
Select a sign of the zodiac. This will affect your luck during the game.
Entrance to temple complex
The mausoleum in the distance
In front of the workshop
The Celestial Sphere
Entrance to the mausoleum
Water Fountain
Strange Hippo Mechanism
My Father is in Danger
Inside the workshop
Astrological Instruments and a View of the City
The notebook keeps track of the plot development.
One of the few pyramids in the game.
Statue of Eros
Clogged hippopotamus fountain
Music device
A view from the terrace
Meeting Cleopatra.
Alexandria's library was invaded by crocodiles.
Sobek's priest
Opening the mausoleum.
Canopic jars
The library main hall
Potion mixing table
Using the strength of a large crocodile.
Lighthouse of Alexandria
Collecting some tools from a chest.
Dead soldiers
View from the top of a trebuchet
Hydra room
Rescuing Isis.
Talking to a slave.
Mausoleum puzzle
Steam machine
Secret chamber
The player can go back directly to any previously visited locations using this map.