Club Football: 2003/04 Season Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a display of the club badge

Manchester United game
After the company logos there's a sequence showing a penalty kick with much emphasis on the player and keeper eyeing each other up. The player scores and there's a close up of the ball in the net
The game plays in six languages.
The background picture on this and other changes randomly to show different club players

Manchester United game
The main menu
Custom Modes option allows the player to play an exhibition match, set up a custom tournament and a custom squad

Manchester United game
The Trophy Room is accessed from the main menu
No trophies yet but the player profiles for all the squad are available.

Manchester United game
Starting a full game playing through the English Domestic season
There are three difficulty settings, matched can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes long; and the player gcan play half or a full season
At the start of a domestic season a new player profile can be created so that the player can put themselves into the squad. If the player skips this opportunity they can do it later on in the season
This is from a Quick Match but the same screen is used in the domestic season. The player does not get to select their opposition but they can choose the strips

Manchester United game
After choosing the team kits the player can tweak their team tactics here
This is the basic pre-match Formation and Tactics screen
Lots of tweaks can be accessed via the menu in the upper centre of the screen

Manchester United game
At the start of the match there's a decent animation of the players taking to the field
The sound effects here are good too

Manchester United game
An in-game shot. What is nice about this is the reaction of the other Manchester players in the background.
Camera angles can be changed by the player

Manchester United game
Celtic have a free kick
If I had the manual I'd know if the football in the lower right indicated a feature that could be used to affect the flight of the ball

Manchester United game
Celtic have scored!
This is followed by a view of the manager's reaction, he was very pleased, and a series of replays from different angles

Manchester United game
The game can be paused so that the player can access the team's tactics and change them

Manchester United game
Half Time. A chance to review the match statistics and change players and/or tactics

Manchester United game
Thierry Henry celebrates taking a penalty which is shown and reshown in replay. Just like watching the TV

Manchester United game
The end of the first game of the season
This is one of three match statistics screens

Manchester United game
In addition to match statistics there are cumulative team and player statistics too

Manchester United game
Liverpool version: The licensing screen appears before the animation sequence
Liverpool version: One of the load screens
Liverpool version: Main menu