The Clue! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
I arrive at Victoria station in the morning.
The street in front of my hotel.
Maybe I'll be able to sell some loot here later.
The barkeeper is advertising beer from Austria.
A padded Pterosaur?
I'm getting free taxi rides for the entire year!
Checking out another street corner.
She seems to deal with fine art only.
Browsing tools for my next heist.
At the police station.
Too many police officers in this bar for my taste.
At the used car lot.
Talking to the owner.
This is where I can bring my cars for repairs.
Looking at a Jeep.
This Opel Olympia is a bit too expensive for my budget right now.

DOS version

The German title
Intro sequence
London, Victoria Station
Search valuable targets...
Investigate the building...
Buy the necessary tools...
Due to the fact that Matt Stuvysant is the 1.000.000 passenger, he can ride all taxis for free! (a rather hollow explanation for free transportation ;))
Plan your robbery...
Holland street, the base of operations
This is Matt's hotel room, where he plans all his mischief and mayhem
The credits are an presented ingame as an urgent telegram ;)
Watling street, another important place
The rather "uptown" club of Walrus & the yellow shades
One of Matt's fences
Another fence, they all have different areas "expertise"
This fence handles the more "exquisite" loot
Fat Man's Pub, the local rumor mill
This is Matt Stuvysant first target, ... "impressive"...
Preparing a "visit"
Leaving the crime scene
A car dealership, it is always good to know where to get a car without to many questions asked ...
The car dealer. The picture in the background looks familiar
A lot of rigging can be done with the cars in the game
Surveilling a grocery store
The police precinct, no place were Matt should hang to long
One especially daring heist, is the robbery of Karl Marx remains for the Soviet Union!
An "old curiosity shop". Very good loot, but hard to sell
As Matt's career progresses, the targets get more promising ...
... and difficult
A retirement home. What could go wrong in there ...?
Kung Fu pops! (No kidding, says so in the game!)...
...better scram
Soon famous targets will emerge on Matt's hitlist
The game over screen
In this game, "game over" doesn't mean the player is killed or mutilated, here Matt Stuvysant's demise leads to a life in a convent!
A good nights sleep after a hard "nights" work