Cobra Command Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Attract mode scene 1
Attract mode scene 2
Attract mode scene 3
Attract mode scene 4
Attract mode scene 5
Attract mode scene 6
Attract mode scene 7
Game start
I got hit
Survived the first enemy. On to number two.
Getting killed again
Flying in New York
Game over screen
Helicopters over New York
Flying through an urban canyon
Credits rolling while entering a high score

iPhone version

Main Menu
Approaching New York.
Explosions are one thing you'll see the most during the ten missions.
Dodge it, dodge it!!!11111
If you see the green arrow it's time to tilt the device.
Helicopter in front - shoot, damnit!
Flying through the Grand Canyon.
It's an arcade-game - so expect to die a lot.
Where did that thing come from?
I can destroy anything - even heavily armored ships.
Going in close for the kill.
Attacking a aircraft-carrier.
Finally finished the mission.
Helicopters, airplanes, tanks, turrets, ships - the enemy throws everything he has at you.
Tank lined up and ready to fire.
Even above the clouds those pesky helicopters are bothering me.
BOOOM - the explosions look good.
Shooting rockets at a tank - or at the screen where the tank is projected on.
It's gonna blow!
Destroyed the main target and completed the mission.
I think that's supposed to be the Vatican.
BOOM and there goes the plane.
Rockets incoming - UP UP UP!
Following an enemy through a system of caves.
My helicopter is so awesome that he can even fight under the earth.

SEGA CD version

This is the type of chopper you will control
From the intro: The command center
From the intro: Another enemy bites the dust
Title screen
The high score table
First level: New York
Get ready to start
I crashed into a building
Got one enemy chopper!
Incoming enemies
Game over