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Codename: Outbreak Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (German)
Mission briefing
Thats my team mate
And who is THAT dude?
Someone shooting at us - we'll kill him for this
What the ?$#! does this error message doing here???
At the start of each mission, you'll select your two team members...
... and outfit them with arms, armor and ammunition.
Much like East European accents, the translated mission briefings have their own unique charm.
Each mission also starts with a lengthy game engine cutscene.
Once the shooting starts, the other team member will be covering you so pay attention to his stats when selecting him.
Patience and tactical thinking are key. Getting caught in the open by an enemy patrol usually leads to a quick death.
Parasites attaching themselves to the back of peoples heads are what's causing all these troubles.
Higher strength characters can carry more gear in their inventory.
Night vision gear is incredibly useful. Compare this sniper scope view of an enemy camp...
... to this one. Each red blob is a corpse that never knew what hit him.
Prone characters will camouflage themselves. See if you can spot "Prof" in this shot.
First mission intro
Run, but bullets are faster
Fire exchange
Hidden? I can shoot him easily
Close combat
Your team
Bang! You are dead!