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Back of Box - C64 (US):
    Coil Cop is the last remaining plaything to survive a toy factory takeover by a master computer gone haywire. Now the evil computer is using the factory to build hideous toys. Creatures like the orblet without legs. Hatchettes. And Gerald the oil-sucking gremlin.

    To stop these vile mutants, you'll have to bounce your way through a dangerous array of tunnels and rooms until you find the equipment you need to shut down the operation. Of course, with your every boing there lurks the threat of attack. So be forewarned...

    ...they may be toys, but they don't play fair.

    (Image captions)
    • Coil Cop never misses a beat--here he uses the factory air ducts to whirl to remote areas of the factory.
    • Turbo bubble jets blow him upward so he can patrol for points.
    • Book that bug-ridden computer chip! And search the area for accomplices.
    • Go ahead and bounce the Blue Meanie. It's all in the line of duty.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Jul 08, 2008.