Colin McRae Rally Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen with legal stuff
Game intro
Another shot from the intro
Game title
Main menu
Rally school
You can watch what you are required to do which is pretty cool
This lesson's task is simple: drive as fast as you can and stop at the finish line
Another lesson is a real rally stage, though a very simple one. What I particularly like about this game is the way direction arrows appear on the screen, very convenient
Passed the test. Now I'm ready for some real drivin'
Before the start of special stage you can configure your car
Loading New Zealand Rally, Special Stage 1
Grassy plains and slopes of New Zealand
Toyota Corolla in Greece Super Special
Now it's Monte Carlo. One of snowy stages
Welcome to Australia. Btw, behind-the-wheel view was very cool for the time
Light and dust effects look very good
Stage complete! Although I'm at the end of the line...
Stage results
However, I have set the record for Broomehill
Replays are always fun to watch
We're in Sweden, there's a lot of snow & ice here
Corsica rally starts literally on the edge
It's a bit scary to maintain high speed here
This is Indonesia. One of the toughest challenges in the game: the road is narrow and very often moist, dirty with a mix of sand added in
You can wash you car for free though
England Rally
England Rally is one of my favorites in every CMR Rally game, it's usually a mixture of forest, some green hills and tarmac high-speed sections. Well, no green hills in this game! It's snowtime again.

Windows version

Main menu (Polish version)
Rally school menu (Polish version)
First test in rally school
Arrows are really useful.
Getting ready to go.
Pleasant times
Replay mode
Replay mode