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A good game that'll keep you occupied for a while! SNES darthsith19 (70)

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Game Boy 5 2.7
Genesis 5 3.2
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SNES 5 3.8
Combined User Score 15 3.2

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SEGA SaturnMega Fun (Mar, 1996)
Mit College Slam hat Acclaim seinem Hit NBA Jam einfach eine neue Fassade gegeben, um damit ein zweites Mal groß abzusahnen. Neu ist lediglich, daß die Power-Ups von sieben auf 14 erhöht wurden und daß man statt einem, drei Spieler auf der Bank sitzen hat. Außerdem besitzen die Spieler keine Namen, sondern nur die Abkürzungen ihrer Positionen im Spiel. Der Hallensprecher ist somit dazu verdammt, seinen Kommentar nur zu den erzielten Körben abzugeben, ohne die Akteure beim Namen nennen zu können. Aber was soll‘s, dadurch wird der Spielspaß nicht gemindert: Die Grafik, der Sound und das Gameplay bewegen sich auf dem selben Level, wie bei NBA Jam. College Slam bietet somit alles in allem den bekannt rassigen Fun Sport für jedermann, mit einem Pep Action. Nun stellt sich aber die Frage, wer für ein Spiel Geld ausgeben wird, das kaum Innovationen bietet und mit einer unattraktiven Lizenz aufwartet.
SEGA SaturnConsoles Plus (Apr, 1996)
Cela dit, le jeu ne présente pas grand intérêt pour les possesseurs de NBA Jam... Mais il est idéal pour les fans de basket amateurs de jeu d'arcade qui n'ont pas encore investi dans le genre.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games (Apr, 1996)
Was könnte man am Erfolgsrezept von Iguana, die NBA Jam ja “erfunden“ haben, schon groß auszusetzen? Natürlich ist auch diese Version wieder genial bis zum Abwinken (vorausgesetzt, man steht auf das Untergenre “Fun-Basketball“). Mit 44 Teams bietet College Slam sogar noch ein paar mehr Mannschaften als die andere 32-Bit-Version. Notorische Jam & Slam-Fans sollten einen Kauf tatsächlich in Erwägung ziehen. Da das Spiel nur in Amiland erscheint, läßt es sich bestimmt ganz gut damit vor den Freunden angeben. Im Prinzip genügt aber natürlich NBA Jam T.E. vollauf.
SEGA SaturnPlaymag (Apr, 1996)
À part le côté spectaculaire des dunks - et encore - ce jeu se fait particulièrement remarquer par son absence de fun. L'action trop rapide vous prive du contrôle du match, et de plus, vous donne l'impression que la console se débrouille très bien sans vous. Vraiment pas au top, tout ça...
SNESJust Games Retro (Mar 09, 2014)
On the surface, College Slam seems like a cheap knockoff of NBA Jam designed for a very niche audience, but if you give it a chance, it’s not a bad game on its own merits. The ability to edit teams and make in-game substitutions add a layer of strategy amongst the mayhem, and the intensity college basketball rivalries bring to the table make it a bit more logical to make an extreme college hoops game. It’s not the be-all, end-all game in the genre by any stretch, but it could be a raucous good time with some friends, especially if you’re on two different sides of a basketball blood feud, and no matter how old or derivative a game is, it’s always enjoyable to be able to throw down a cross-court helicopter jam on Duke.
GenesisGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
If Jame is your favorite game and you love college basketball, Slam's a match made in heaven. If you already own Jam, though, there's no need to buy the same game twice.
SNESGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
While it's as fast and furious as Jam, Slam's anonymous players don't bring home the star quality of the NBA. All you're really getting is the same arcade-style game with NCAA-licensed logos. If you're not a Division I college-ball hog, skip Slam entirely and go pro.
SNESGame Players (Apr, 1996)
OK, what we go here is NBA Jam, only with college players. While you can enter your own names for players and edit their stats, the players pictures aren't available to change, so you never quite get the feeling of being the actual college team. It's you call...
If, for some reason, you can't live without more Jam, then by all means, go pick this game up. But come on, is there any real reason to get this game? By the way, cool title screen, huh?
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (May, 1996)
There's nothing really new to say about this game. It's another NBA Jam: TE with college players. The new features are funny to watch, but the gameplay does get repetitive after a while. The only way to make College Slam fun as if you have the multiplayer adapter and hook up with some friends.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
Player graphics are nearly indistinguishable from previous NBA Jam releases on the Super Nintendo. It is still difficult to make out each player's features and everyone looks basically the same, aside from the differences in height and skin tone. While the colors are more vibrant than the Genesis version, there is not the huge difference you'd expect. As in NBA Jam, an announcer will comment on the dunks and shots with catch-phrases, many of which have been changed to fit the theme. For example, he'll say "from on-campus" instead of "from downtown" when you make a three-pointer, or "cum-laude" for some of the slams instead of "oh my." As you can tell, the apple doesn't stray too far from the tree! It is this feeling of deja vu that makes College Slam so disappointing for those expecting a new game.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1999)
It's difficult to recommend College Slam unless you've never played NBA Jam or NBA Jam T.E. and are hankerin' for some fast arcade action. Even college hoops fans won't find much to like other than the teams and tournament play. Yet you can't deny the amount of fun that this game can offer, especially with four players. Yet it's exactly the same amount of fun as you'd find in 1993's NBA Jam or 1994's NBA Jam T.E. Call me crazy, but more should be expected from a 1996 release.
SEGA SaturnGame Zero (Sep, 1996)
The bottom line is that even if you are desperate for a college basketball game on either system, you might want to wait until Konami or Electronic Arts comes out with something far better than this rehash. Or, if you already own NBA Jam, you could always pretend that the Chicago Bulls are the Arkansas Razorbacks, or the Minnesota Timberwolves are the Kentucky Wildcats. The possibilities are endless!
Game BoyGamePro (US) (May, 1996)
Both the graphics and sound suffer. While the stiff sprites are good-sized, the weak color palette makes it easy to confuse your team with the opposition. The music is okay, but the effects are weak. The player control is descent, but it's annoying to use the Start button for Turbo. In brief, don't play ball on this court.
SEGA SaturnGame Zero (Sep, 1996)
Wretch... This game was pretty horrible. So horrible that it was pretty painful to even play. I never liked NBA Jam to begin with and since this is basically the same darn game with different names for players, and different team logos... well, what's the point.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Aug 26, 2004)
Simply replacing the NBA players with college players sounds pretty easy (and lame), but Acclaim couldn't even get that right! Players are identified by number, but Acclaim didn't bother making them look or play as they do in real life! Don't be surprised if your favorite player is inexplicably wearing goggles or isn't the correct skin color! My friend Eric is a die-hard college basketball fan, and he was totally disgusted with College Slam. In the one-player mode, you can't even select your opponent - the computer chooses it randomly! The crowd is a bit more defined and there are some cheerleaders on the sideline, but the gameplay is still a poor man's NBA Jam. There's really no good reason to purchase this pathetic rehash. Note: At Best Buy, this game initially came with a free "so-bad-it's-funny" video called "Slams, Rams, and Jams" featuring a few minutes of old grainy footage of unremarkable plays. As low quality as it was, it actually had more entertainment value than this game.