Commodore 16 Games pack II (Commodore 16, Plus/4)

Commodore 16 Games pack II Commodore 16, Plus/4 Minotaur


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Commodore 16 Games pack II is a collection of 15 unreleased games that contains the following games:

Minotaur: You start at the bottom centre of a 38 x 15 grid full of numbers and X's and you have to guess a number between 0 to 1000 while avoiding the Minotaur. Moving around the grid, every number collected gets added to your score with the X's giving you clues. Once you go over the number then the minotaur starts to chase you. If you think you know the number then you move to a white block.

Hunter: The screen has a grid of squares 15 x 10 with paths inbetween. You must move along the paths collecting dots while avoiding a hunter.

Letterbox: You are a mailman at the bottom of the screen and you must catch letters that fall from the top of the screen. When a letter falls then you press that letter to move towards it to catch it. If you catch it you place the letter in the tower on the left of the screen. Miss the letter and it appears in the right side tower.

Ganymede: In this space management game, you must run a small moon base on one of Jupiter's moon, Ganymede while mining for ore. You must build ships and mines while mining and selling the ore to Earth. Oxygen levels must be watched and purchased when low.

Dumper: Your City is protected by a huge shield which an alien invader is trying to destroy by dropping bombs on it. You must move a vehicle left or right on top of the shield, rebuilding the gaps made by the alien.

Alien Overrun: Your spacecraft has been invaded by aliens and are multiplying and you must move around the craft avoiding the aliens while standing on green squares to wipe them out.

Dungeon: Armed with a sword you must move around a flick-screen dungeon for as long as possible. You have three attributes Fatigue, Wounds and Weight and you must avoid or fight monsters you encounter.

Chess: Based on the strategy board game of the same name, you must move various pieces around a 8 x 8 board taking your opponents pieces to trap his King.

Scrambler: You are flying over a mountain range trying not to crash into it. The lower you fly the more points you receive but fly too high and your score decreases. Meteors have to be avoided as well.

Crash Barrier: You must drive around a track for as long as possible while avoiding touching the walls as well as avoiding gates that appear randomly for a few seconds.

Snake Pit: A one or two player game where you move a letter that leaves behind a trail and you must get your opponent to crash into your trail while avoiding his.

Reel thing!: You play on a fruit machine with $10 in your pocket and you must keep spinning the four reels to make different combinations to win more money. The aim is to make $2000.

Mind Quiz: Based on the board game Mastermind, the computer or another player thinks of four colours in a specific order. You must keep guessing the combination and if any colours are correct in the correct order then you are shown a black circle, guess the correct colour but in the wrong order then you are shown a white circle.

Tank Ambush: You control a tank in a forest and you must avoid or shoot heat-seeking missiles for as long as possible.

Road Patrol: You control a vehicle on the bottom of the screen, moving it left or right to shoot aliens that appear above with your missiles while avoiding bombs dropped from the aliens.


Commodore 16 Games pack II Commodore 16, Plus/4 Alien Overrun
Commodore 16 Games pack II Commodore 16, Plus/4 Chess
Commodore 16 Games pack II Commodore 16, Plus/4 Letterbox
Commodore 16 Games pack II Commodore 16, Plus/4 Scrambler

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