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Computer Kensington Commodore 64 Title Screen


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Computer Kensington is a version of the board game Kensington for one or two players where the board is made up of rhombitrihexagonal tiling which has seven hexagons with four filled with two red and two blue. To win the game, a player must have the two hexagons of their colour, have their own coloured counters on all of the six points before their opponent. Each player has 15 counters and at the start of the game the players take it in turns to place the counters anywhere on the board. Once all the counters are placed each player then slides a counter along a line to the next point. If a player has made a triangle with their counter's then they can move one of the other players counters to any place on the board. If a square is made then the player can move two counters. The computer has three skill levels (1-3) and the speed of the game can also be selected (1-9).

Contributed by FatherJack (62725) on Nov 13, 2014. [revised by : FatherJack (62725)].