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Conan: The Cimmerian Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro - Conan's peaceful life...
... is disturbed by horsemen.
Happy couple...
... is no longer so happy.
Map of the land you may visit.
Inside the town you move on the streets.
Inside the building - first task
A merchant's place.
A tavern
Some statue...
A shop
Fighting the guard
Found a hidden entrance.

DOS version

Introductory history
Title Screen
Conan travels through the land of Hyborea to visit towns, crypts and ruins.
Much of the game takes place in the huge, splendid city of Shadizar.
The dark priests of Set coming to destroy Conan´s village
Exploring the streets of Shadizar from a top-down perspective.
Conan´s village about to get destroyed by the dark priests of Set
Inside buildings (such as this tavern), the game switches to a side view.
Conan and his girl
Conan and his girl living a pacific life...
Just arrived in Shadizar, Conan has already gotten himself into trouble! Real-time sword combat with a thug in the streets.
Ridding a house of a thief.
Until the dark priests of Set kill Conan´s girl
The streets are only one part of Shadizar. Conan also climbs on the rooftops...
Crom´s Temple
...and stomps through the huge maze-like underground level.
Trading Items
First boss battle: The giant snake can only be killed with a special sword.
Finding the gem "Eye of Serpent" ends the first mission.
Between missions, the narrator comments on Conan's deeds.
A skeleton king's spectacular demise in Conan's fire trap.
Doesn't anyone in this kingdom wear clothes??
Breaking into an ancient temple.
Boss battle: The blonde bombshell can get pretty nasty.
Larsha, the lizardmen city.
The lizards are not too fond of visitors. Only a lizard sword can penetrate their skin.
Conan at his best: Another fair maiden successfully rescued!
Armored enemy
Ah, treasure!
In the final adventure, Conan raids Thoth-Amon's fortress and battles his minions.
Teleport Spell can be used as an ersatz for minimap
Conan obviously prefers dark-haired women :)
Unfortunately, inventory only holds 20 types of items (including bag of coins)
Intro (EGA)
World map (EGA)
Some story (EGA)
In Shadizar (EGA)
Temple (EGA)
First fight (EGA)
Enemy is too short! (EGA)