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Congo Bongo Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
Level two
Level three

Arcade version

Title screen
Top scores
Intro sequence
Start position
Life lost
On the bridge
Under the waterfall

Atari 2600 version

Title screen / set game options
Climbing your way up the first level
Beginning the second level

Atari 5200 version

Title screen
Climbing on the first level
Beginning the second level

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Game start
Up a few steps
Going up to heaven

ColecoVision version

Title screen
Game options
The first level
A game in progress

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (cartridge/tape version)
Gameplay on the first level (cartridge/tape version)
Beginning the second level (cartridge/tape version)
Title screen (US disk version)
First screen. (US disk version)
Second screen. (US disk version)
The third screen. (US disk version)
The fourth screen. Afterwards, the game starts again, with higher difficulty. (US disk version)

Intellivision version

Title screen
The game opening
Gameplay on the first level
The second level

MSX version

Title screen
Climb the stairs!
High scores... enter your name!

PC Booter version

Title screen
The main menu
Gameplay on the first level
Avoid the dangerous critters here!
The third level in demo mode
Make your way across the water in this final scene
Title screen (PCjr)
Level 1 (PCjr)

SG-1000 version

Title screen
The first level of the SG-1000 port. Notice the change of perspective when compared to the other versions.
The second level.

TI-99/4A version

Title screen
Climbing up the first level
Can you reach the other side of the river?
Game over

VIC-20 version

Title screen
Climb to the top on the first level
Cross the river in the second level