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Connections Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Your goal is to collect items representing innovations throughout history and put them into a chain of connections
Help James Watt
A Montgolfier balloon
Far West
More connections
James Burke
Italians like hamburgers
A sextant
The bad guy playing the organ
Meet Galileo
Visit the desert
The Pharaoh taking a bath
The game's main menu. This is displayed at the start of every . It is followed by a screen giving the player the choice to play as male or female.
The game has an in-built hints system that can be disabled at the start of a new game. Hints will eventually tell the player what needs to be done but won't perform the actions
The bad guy makes his first appearance
The first time the player enters James' study he appears and explains the plot. Someone has accelerated the natural rate of chaos and the web of reality is in peril
When an item has been collected it can become part of the inventory (shown on the right), or part of the chain (shown below), or both. James pops up to talk about some items as they are collected
This lady is the Apothecary. She has items for sale.
Now that's what I call a good 'To Do' list! Get some clean clothes, get the TV fixed and then restore reality.
Clicking on an item that's part of the chain brings up a short video sequence. Here James is explaining how carbon from oil lamps was used to produce carbon paper
This is the repairman. The mark on his face is a speech bubble indicating that the player can 'talk' to him
One of the game's help screens. These can also from the main menu and from within the game
Having collected a pencil James explains the link between graphite, diamonds, crystals and x-rays