Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
King Arthur and the Search for the Grail.
Introduction: The story begins...
Introduction: The queen and Launcelot.
Introduction: The Knights of the Round Table.
Introduction: King Arthur's kingdom is in trouble.
Introduction: Your quest is about to begin.
Start of the game. You start off in your room.
The game has a three way scoring system. You are scored on Skill points, Wisdom Points, and Soul Points.
Overhead map of Camelot.
Talking to your treasurer.
The chapel.
The queen's garden.
Map of ancient Britan.
The courtyard.
Leaving the castle to set out on your quest.
The docks.
In a forest.
A friendly hunter is here.
A wild boar is going to attack!
The boar killed me..
Near the frozen lake
Walking on the frozen lake

Atari ST version

Title Screen
The Story of the game told in a intro
Various screenshots from the intro
Various screenshots from the intro
Various screenshots from the intro
the game start
We move out of the building (click & Point)
The Main menu
Queen's garden.
My room - there's armor here.

DOS version

Title Screen 1
Title Screen 2
Merlin introduces himself
Camelot. You start the game right on this map
Early in the game, you explore the Camelot castle and talk to your wife, the queen. This response comes from her if you attempt to have sex with her! I'm serious!
Talking with a guard before leaving on your quest
A suspiciously homoerotic treasurer rebuffs your attempts at innocent expressions of affection! In other words, you try to kiss him, but he swears at you in a colorful way!
Merlin's Laboratory
Britannia. Most places cannot be accessed, but you get some text with interesting cultural information!
Riding through an English forest. You see some corpses... you are so astonished that you open the menu!
Jousting with the Black Knight!
Your purse is always with you, and there is some money management involved!
Beautiful view (still in England), a cute mule, and stones that ask you riddles! An example of text input
There are some action sequences in the game! You fight evil monks in those ruins
Crossing the icy lake... Watch out thin spots in the ice
In the winter, we can build a snowman...
Ice Queen's Miraculous Bush of Flowers
Sir Lancelot in the ice palace
Trudging through an underground cavern
This guy just stole all of my money!
At the docks, before departing to the Holy Land
The map of Europe and the Middle East - well, actually Western Europe and the Mediterranean basin...
Arriving in Gaza
As always, there are many ways to die...
Welcome to the Holy Land!
Following your local seedy tour guide
The pool
Near the city of Jerusalem
The gate of Jerusalem is guarded by a bunch of thugs
Another day, another Jerusalem gate - looks like you can get in this time!
The streets of Jerusalem! The writing on the upper right is done with real Hebrew letters! Unfortunately, the first word is incomprehensible, and what follows is "more diarrhea"...
Alley - nice atmosphere!..
Near some ruins
Catacombs - a scary view, indeed...
Fatima's House
Arthur's mule knows better this water isn't safe to drink
Jerusalem - close-up on one of the items (the veil)
Close-up on Fatima in all her 16-color glory (and I really appreciate good EGA graphics)
The catacombs again - close-up on one of the items (the golden apple)
Aphrodite calls... For some reason, pagan gods really exist in this game
Title screen (CGA)
Beginning the game (CGA)
A box opens up when you enter commands (CGA)
At a bazaar... (CGA)
In Fatima's fortress (CGA)
The second part of the title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
The courtyard of Camelot (Hercules Monochrome)

Windows version

Title screen 1 (GOG version)
Title screen 2 (GOG version)
Opening credits (GOG version)
Story introduction (GOG version)
Seems the queen is in love with one of the knights (GOG version)
Not going on my quest without my purse (GOG version)
Putting on my armor (GOG version)
Map of Camelot (GOG version)
Talking to Gwenhyver (GOG version)
In-game menu (GOG version)
Checking on the guards (GOG version)
Can't leave the castle unprepared (GOG version)
Help screen (GOG version)
Show me the money (GOG version)
Got to have a purse to put all those coins in (GOG version)
Opening the chest (GOG version)
Taking a lodestone from the chest (GOG version)
One for the road (GOG version)
Exiting the game (GOG version)