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This is... weird. Seriously. I'm sure it's fun after first burning and inhaling certain dead plants... DOS Gothicgene (83)
It is great, addictive, once you get used to it. DOS Dan Borghese (2)

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DOS 25 3.8
Combined User Score 25 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Atari STRaze (Apr, 1991)
It is perhaps the use of colour, sound and the smooth movement in the 3-D environment that drag you into the game as you explore the large number of rooms and manoeuvre your way around. Just bouncing around sounds remarkably uninteresting but as soon as you start to play it becomes more important than Twin Peaks.
Atari STST Format (Jan, 1991)
Alpha Waves is weird enough to have you reading the manual three times over, but once you get past all the guff about "New Age experiences" you find yourself playing a rather excellent 3D arcade/exploration game with puzzles requiring both physical and mental dexterity. You have a huge world to explore, and one that can be navigated either as an arcade game or, according to Infogrames, an exercise in mind-alteration. Alpha Waves is more than good enough without the hocus pocus. Huge and mesmerising, it'll have you hooked within minutes.
DOSThe One (Jan, 1991)
After a few weeks play the only state of mind that Alpha Waves will induce is boredom. Whether the light and sound frequencies actually do have some effect is difficult to tell - certainly no-one here noticed any difference.
Auch unter EGA schön hypnotisch und nicht einfach, ist Alpha Waves jedem PC- Besitzer wärmstens ans Herz zu legen. Amiga- und ST-Freunde können sich schon auf den Wellenritt durchs All freuen!
Original, and absorbing for a while, but it's a bit too frustrating to keep you happy for long.
AmigaAmiga Format (Jun, 1991)
Very odd, very good to watch, it follows very much in the footsteps of E-Motion and Vaxxine.
Aside from the unforgivable nonsense about virtual reality and psyche-warping "properties", Alpha Waves is an amusing romp. But so much energy and space has been expended - including the daft Mind-o-tron - it will probably only serve as a bit of light relief from "proper" games.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jun, 1991)
A charming piece of French fluff. Great to come back to, but far from compulsive (and by no means essential).
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
Soundtechnisch werden eine ordentliche Titelmelodie, anschließend aber bloß noch ein paar piepsige Effekte geboten. Die Grafik ist schnell, sie wirkt durch die vielen kahlen Wände aber ziemlich trist. Auf Dauer erreicht man mit Alpha Waves daher eigentlich nur den Gemütszustand der Langeweile...
Atari STPower Play (Apr, 1991)
Mit einem Gleiter in einem Würfel herumhüpfen und alle paar Minuten etwas aufsammeln, das soll laut Anleitung einen meditativen Effekt haben. Meiner Meinung nach ist das Plattformspiel "Alpha Waves" auch auf dem Atari ST ein ausgemachter Quatsch - da steckt nichts dahinter.
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1991)
Alpha Waves ist ein typischer Fall von "Wir hatten eine Grafikroutine, aber leider keine Spielidee". Auf den ersten Blick sieht Alpha Waves interessant aus und besitzt sogar einen gewissen primitiven Charme, ist aber auf Dauer viel zu eintönig. Man kämpft mit nichts anderem als der Zeit (die recht großzügig bemessen ist) und dem Einschlafen (was spätestens ab dem vierzigsten Raum passiert sein sollte). Lächerlich empfinde ich das "New-Age"-Drumrum, das Gerede von "virueller Realität" und "Emotionen" – bei mir erregen solche billigen Effekthaschereien nur Groll. Nur für Hartgesottene.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jul, 1991)
A novel diversion but no great shakes.
Now, for the final analysis: true action enthusiasts, this reviewer included, will doubtless find a lack of real game substance to complement an original and provocative concept. To be exact, flying a weird ship in a maze is nifty, but where's the interactive fun? How long does a flight simulator stay interesting without combat? It sounds like some sort of demented Nintendo syndrome but, unfortunately, it still holds true. Continuum could conceivably have worked without battles, but the goals are so uninspiring as to actually detract from the game and out-foxing the mazes gets dull faster than one would expect. With a head-to-head, modem race-through-the-maze, blast-'em-if-you-see-'em upgrade, this software would have attracted a lot more attention. As it is, Continuum stands as a neat new way to show off the potential of computer-simulated space travel, but it falls short in the most important department of lasting entertainment.