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Contraption Zack Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
(From the intro) It's mechanic Zack's first day at the new factory...
(From the intro) ...but his unfriendly colleagues mislay his tools.
One of the first puzzles: Buttons trigger barriers of the same color.
In each level, Zack has to find his tools, such as the pipe on the left...
...and use them at appropiate spots. Here, the screwdriver activates a catapult platform.
Zack has to fix the broken pipes so that the doors will open.
The clipboard shows Zack's progress through the eight levels.
Using the valve, Zack can raise the water level.
The big switches control mechanisms somewhere else in the level -- what they do exactly is yours to find out.
A jumping parcours.
Zack can climb low ledges.
Later levels are more colorful...
...and considerably more challenging.
Success! One of the factory's machines is working again.