Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Loading screen
Title screen
Main menu
Start of the first series of minigames
Instructions are provided before each game.
Pluck the feathers from the bloody turkey.
Evaluation after a game
Remove the internal organs.
Did mama tell you this?
Let's stuff the turkey.
Putting some eggs in a bowl.
Mixing the ingredients.
Fill it back up.
Chop the head off.
Put out the oven at the right moment.
Final score for the first session. I'm pretty mean!
Second gameplay session: the gravy
Chop the neck into little pieces.
Heat it all up.
You don't need these in your gravy.
Yeah, she's mean!
After completely preparing the turkey, mama has a change of heart and tosses the turkey away.
I'm sure you all want some tofu instead, kids!
Applying the sauce.
The alternative dinner is done.
She never told me that either.
My pleasure
Become an activist today.
Bonus material

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
Main menu
Let's cook - Prepare the turkey
Instructions on plucking the feathers. Each stage has these type of instructions.
Countdown to begin...
Start plucking!
Time's up.
My evaluation: I'm too nice.
Removing the internal organs.
That part is complete.
Final score so far
Mama never told me there'd be days like these.
Next stage: Stuff the turkey.
Instructions on cracking the eggs.
Cracking the eggs.
Mixing the ingredients.
Stuffing the turkey.
Removing the head
Cooking the turkey
Completed that part
Next: Make the giblet gravy.
Instructions to chop the neck.
Chopping the neck
Sauté the body parts
Straining the gravy
Dinner's ready!
You've unlocked the "bonus level".
Mama loves animals
Instructions on mashing the tofu.
Time's up
Evaluation: Better than Mama.
Shaping the tofu
Basting the tofu
Cooking the tofu
The tofu lump is done
Because of you, Mama loves animals!
Take the pledge to be veg.