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atari gravitar

Cool Spot Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Virgin Logo Animation
Title Animation
Shell Shock
Shell Shock
End of level score
Next level screen
Pier Pressure
Bonus Level

DOS version

Title Screen (US version)
Virgin presents
Copy protection
Option screen
Title Screen (UK version)
Game objectives are really simple
Shell Shock
Pier Pressure
Level 1 - Sheck Shock
Off da Wall
Call me da balloon guy
Wading Around
Radical Rails
Coolness Bonus
Game over

Game Boy version

Main menu
Instructions, sort of.
Hop over the barb wire
A checkpoint
Climb the ladders
This fish spits
Jump the nails
When idle spot plays with his yo-yo
A pesky moth
Spiders crawl down from the ceiling
Mice throw cheese
Don`t step on the mouse trap
Mind the spike
Rad sign
Slide down the rails
Gathering speed
Use the bubbles to float
Use the tubes to return to the top
Rescue your friend
Wading around
Leaves are steady platforms
Spaceships are not
Don`t land on the frog

Game Gear version

Beginning level 1
A crab
A hermit out of its shell
Crabs appear from the sand
An extra time pick up
Jump from balloon to balloon
Lost a life
Rescue the spot to finish the level
Begining level 2
Climb up the ropes
A boat post
An oyster enemy
Avoid the maggots
Level complete
Game over

Genesis version

Yes, yes, 7up
Before starting, you should know...
A new level
Starting the game
Fighting crabs and other things
A checkpoint
A ship level

SEGA Master System version

Beginning level 1
Collect the red cool spots
A clam enemy
A crab enemy
Fire bubbles at enemies
A deck chair
Jump from balloon to balloon
Use the bubble to jump higher
Rescue the spot to get to next level
Begin level 2
A fish enemy
Watch out for mice
A moth enemy
Dont tred on the mouse trap
A spider
Spikes hurt
Hop over the nails
End of level
Points tally
The bonus level
Begin level 3
Sliding down rail
Gathering speed
Use tubes to return to the top
Begin level 4
Use the boat as a platform
Spaceships arent very stable platforms

SNES version

Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen
In Game
Hmm, this bottle looks somehow familiar...
Clear instructions...
Gotta read the newspaper before getting to the action
Land in sight!
Complex machinery
That's one of the fellows you have to free
Funny logo