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Bobby Bearing Amstrad CPC Loading screen


Advertising Blurbs

Back of Plastic Case - Spectrum (UK):

    Let the good times roll!

    Popular Computing Weekly, May 1986

    Bobby Bearing's brothers have been led astray by their cousin. Ignoring all the warnings of their elders they have ventured into the metaplanes outside their dwelling, and been attacked and stunned by the evil bearings who inhabit the planes ... your task in this addictive 3D arcade game is to find and retrieve your brothers and cousin. But all is not as easy as it seems!


    Contributed by jean-louis (65623) on Jul 25, 2021.

Back of Plastic Case (MICRO Selection) - Spectrum (UK):

    C + VG Game of the Month

    Bobby Bearing lived happily in Technofear - a metallic world of the future. But one day Bobby's brothers and cousins, ignoring the warnings of their elders, ventured out into the forbidden zone called The Metaplanes, and were attacked and captured. So its Bobby to the rescue!

    "A technically stunning game... I recommend this game to everyone."

    A CRASH Smash

    Bobby Bearing
    features "Curvispace 3D", giving an incredibly realistic rolling action over the many screens of hazardous terrain. Just negotiating these metallic highways would be difficult enough - but they are full of hazards like magnets, air ducts, and lifts - all controlled by hidden switches -and then there are the evil Black Bearings! And remember, getting through the Metaplanes is even more difficult when you're pushing your sick brother Bearing...

    Contributed by jean-louis (65623) on Jul 25, 2021.

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