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The Games: Winter Edition Screenshots (Amstrad CPC)

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Lighting the torch in the opening ceremony.
If you want to only do 1 event, select it here.
Type in your name and select your country.
I selected Luge. I need to select my track.
At the starting area for Luge.
I won the gold medal.
I selected Cross Country (skiing). How long do I want to go?
At the starting line for cross country skiing.
As I am the only player, I have a pacer. Here we are at the finish line.
Figure skating.
Select your music.
Now select what tricks you will do and when.
Beginning my set.
I finished.
The judge's scores. I guess they didn't like me.
Beginning the ski jump.
Going down the jump. Will I feel the thrill of victory...
...or the agony of defeat?
The slalom. I need to select the length and how close the flags will be.
The slalom's starting line.
As I am the only player, I have a pacer. I hit a flag and rolled myself into a snowball.
Speed skating. Select how many laps.
At the starting line. I am blue.
Downhill (skiing). This is the hill, seen from afar.
At the downhill's starting line.
During the race.
I missed a flag.
The closing ceremony is the the sun setting of the torch.
World records (high scores)