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Advertising Blurbs

Back of the Spectrum cassette:

    The Home Computer Version of the Atari Coin-Op Masterpiece

    Pick up your trilby and trusty bullwhip and don the mantle of the legendary Indiana Jones! prepare yourself for your most dangerous adventure yet - to storm the evil Temple of Doom and rescue the imprisoned children and the magical Stones of Sankara! beware the foes and hazards that block your way. The Thuggee guards will fight to the finish and poisonous cobra snakes will rise up in front of you. You will traverse perilous ledges, ride the underground railway, and cross the bottomless fiery pit in pursuit of your quest! You will call on all your reserves of courage, strength and skill. Push yourself t the limit, ride your luck and the magical stones may just be yours!

    Contributed by piltdown_man (171420) on Aug 27, 2010.

Back Cover - NES NTSC:
    Feel what it's like to be Indiana Jones!

    So you want to wear Indy's Stetson hat? Dress up in his beat up leather jacket? Snap his trusty bull-whip? And go on the most exciting adventure of your life? Well, here's your chance!

    Penetrate deep into the Temple of Doom to free enslaved children and recover the sacred Sankara Stones.

    Fight your way through treacherous caverns, twisting tunnels, narrow ledges and fiery chasms. Take on Thuggee guards, giant spiders and dive-bombing bats.

    Survive all this and you'll meet the evil High Priest, Mola Ram, on the dangling rope bridge for a battle to the death!

  • Save the enslaved children and they'll thank you by giving you guns, hats (for extra lives), jewels (for extra time), or keys to open locks.
  • At the entrance to the mines, wait for a mine cart to come along for the ride of your life!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Mar 23, 2004.