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Advertising Blurbs

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987):


    The Treasure of Babylon has been kept secretly for centuries in the tranquil city of Creamina. But the peace of the city has come to a gruesome end with the vicious attack of a greedy dragon. Ryu is gigantic. And his greed is almost as big. He has been searching for the treasure for thousands of years. Now he has taken it, leaving the city in the clutches of his evil henchmen.

    GAME PLAY: You are Jinborov Karnovski, a one-time circus strongman. Rumor tells of your incredible skill at shooting fireballs. Now you have a chance to prove it. You must find your way through a countryside infested with monsters in search of the dragon called Ryu. Nine challenging stages--from buildings to mountains to the skies--unfold many secrets and enemies. There's the knife-throwing Lion Keeper, Snake Woman, Rock Man, and Gidora, a two-headed monster. But that's not all! You have Options which you can collect and inventory. Do it! You need all the help you can get to beat the gigantic dragon.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4670) on Mar 25, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    The story of Karnov begins in the peaceful village of Creamina, where the Treasure of Babylon has been kept for centuries, hidden away from the outside world.

    The Treasure has been sought by Ryu, a huge and evil dragon, for thousands of years. But now, Ryu has discovered the secret of Creamina and descended upon the little village, accompanied by all of his demonic cohorts.

    Ryu has made off with the Treasure, leaving his monstrous minions behind to terrorize the countryside. The helpless townsfolk have only one hope: Jinborov Karnovski, otherwise known as Karnov, a one-time circus strongman with a unique talent for shooting fireballs.

    Only Karnov can find a way through the monster-infested countryside, to seek out the evil Ryu and regain the Lost Treasure of Babylon for his people!

    Contributed by Trixter (9116) on Mar 05, 1999.