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Kung-Fu Master Screenshots (Amstrad CPC)

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The loading screen
The title screen
It starts!
High kick!
The boss of the first level.
In the half part of the second level, you have to defend yourself against falling objects that contain animals, dragons or deadly throwing stars.
The boss of the second level who throws a boomerang. Still easy to beat.
Beating those dudes who throw daggers by doing an aerial hit while jumping over their throwing knifes proves to be fun! Though beware, they need two hits..
The giant boss of the third level. Not that hard. Also notice that the deep purple guys grabbed me. Just move left-right very fast to escape from them..
The funny bees of the 4th level.
And the funny gorilla boss. Notice that it can only be killed with low punch. Normally, by using any other move, the player paralyzes but I've noticed a bug that also crashes the game if you try!!!
The final boss! On the CPC version of the game, I still haven't found a logical way to beat him. It's just pure luck and hitting the keyboard for several minutes ;P