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    (Translated from the original French:)

    1951. An impressive and enigmatic manor.

    Snow. Cold. An owl. The night. A letter of Julia. The death of Julia. The storm. The myste. A secrete way. A cellar. An attic. A vault. A crypt. A well. Some mechanisms demoniaques. Anguish. An invisible sign.

    Many people: Max, Guy, Eva, Leo, Stalemate, Bob, Ida, Luc Much of objects: a dagger, a ring, a cross, a rod, a book, a manuscript, a revolver. Many questions. Ten reponses. Pieges. No the raccoon.

    Menus deroulants. A comfortable play. A perfect realization. Brilliant graphics. Noises. Music. A voice synthesizer. A thorny scenario. An adventure coriace. An atmosphere...

    Contributed by Frederic LETELLIER (45) on Oct 12, 2000.