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atari adventure

Prince of Persia Credits

16 people (9 developers, 7 thanks)


Original game design byJordan Mechner
Programming byJordan Mechner
Graphics byJordan Mechner
Produced byBrian Eheler
Music composed byFrancis Mechner
Live-Action Footage Modelled byDavid Mechner, Michael Coffey, Tina La Deau, Veda Hlubinka-Cook
Special thanks toVeda Hlubinka-Cook, Tomi Pierce, Eric Deeds, Corey Kosak, Roland Gustafsson, Oliver Fellguth, Broderbund Quality Assurance Department

CPC Version

Converted byBroderbund France


Cover artwork byRobert Florczak

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Credits for this game were contributed by ZeTomes (36433)

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