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CPC Zone (2004)
Gameplay is again way up there with classics such as Dizzy, you simply won't want to put the joystick down until you finish the game. The Weeks family slowly become more important to you and you must save them from the evil Can Nibbles....although there is no save game option (as with most 8-bit titles that came on cassette) you will want to finish the game and many an hour will go by (unless your cheating). The control system is a delight to work with (once you realise that you need to use the keyboard as well as the Joystick and that 2 on the keyboard picks items up) and the game shows no serious glitches which may prevent you from playing the game. It?s a little tough at first but once you figure out the puzzles you're away. 3 Weeks in Paradise is one of the best CPC and 8-bit titles to date.
Amtix! (Apr, 1986)
If your a Wally freak, get it.
Retro Gamer (Apr 08, 2009)
Three Weeks In Paradise is an adventure game similar to some of the Dizzy games that came along later. Wally must travel around the island screen by screen avoiding the natives as well as bats, lions and snails. On some screens there may be an entrance to another area pointed out, so it's not just left to right, you can go into the screen aswell. Wally is capable of carrying two objects at any one time. As with Dizzy, the items are not always used as you may think. It took me ages to really get anywhere in this game, simple puzzles, never heard of them.