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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Expect to see this guy a lot.
Title screen
3D environments
Intro scene: Cortex is falling from his ship
There are also 2D sections.
Intro scene: N. Gin is experimenting with the master crystal but they need 25 slave crystals
Don't hit the mines.
Intro scene: Coco Bandicoot told Crash to bring to her computer new batteries
Intro scene: Crash is being teleported
Being chased by a huge boulder.
Preparing to dive in water with eel.
Crash is in the mud
How to pass this wall? It full of TNT!
Left or right? That is the question.
At end the end of each level you are displayed your "question box" score.
Crystal obtained! Carry on, Crash.
Checkpoint reached.
On the water board avoiding whirpools!
Beware of the Nitro boxes. They won't boost your speed. More like instant kill.
Dark ruins overview!
Introducing Tiny.
Fighting the boss.
Crash! Turn around.
Where's Crash? Underground.
Hub area. Choosing a level to go to.
Jumping stone masks sure make my life harder.
Destroy those boxes!
Being stunged by a bee.
Jumping to the top.
Skating fun!
2D skating. Don't forget to grab another life.
Rolling Stone. Literally.
Communicating with Coco.
Jumping on the moving platforms.
One thing is to find the crystal, another one is to bring it home.
Crash is furious when he's hanging.
Boss. N. Gin.
Avoiding laser beams during Boss fight.
The last hub. 5 crystals to go.
Status screen